Prayer For Endurance

Jesus Christ, Teach me obedience during rough times as you were obedient to God all your life to crucifixion. Let my faith be firm in you. Let my heart celebrate and look up to as an example of how God rewards perseverance in hard and painful times. You were humiliated, spat on and hanged on the cross but you never complained, you let the will of your father be done. Be my hope and give me the endurance to finish the race you've laid out for me. Amen.

Holy Spirit, Search through my heart and erase any fears and doubts during these hurtful times. Infuse me with the undeserved love of the Lord that I may not forget his presence in my life. Be my assurance that God knows the desires of my heart and will answer me according to His will. Comfort me and guide all my ways. Encourage me to stay strong and focused until the finish line. Amen.

Father in heaven, Thank you for always being with me. Your eyes are on me. My hope is in your steadfast love. Be my strength during these difficult times. I am trusting in your amazing grace to take me through this rough patch and come out stronger. My encouragement and endurance come from you. I can't do it on my own. Amen.

Dear Lord,

Please continue to help guide and protect me throughout this trying situation. I am in a job that does not deserve my talents and I am in desparate need to find another job where I can utilize my talents and be fully appreciated. Please erase the negativity around me and provide me with your protective shield so that I may continue on with my day, week, month, year on this job if YOU see it fit. Please help me endure so that I may learn from this and make better job choices.

Lord I pray for strength and wisdom to make it through. I do not understand the values of our culture, the selfishness and the thoughtlessness. I feel alone and confused. Help me to sense you and your love. Lead me to real friends. Lead me to a real church of servants.

Touch those I love to seek You and your truth. Thank you for you steadfast love. You are the same yesterday,today and forever. Your truth will stand. You bring the humble to victory. Help me to hold to hope when I can not find fellowship.

Give me rest and renew my strength to continue to seek and serve you in the midst of chaos. In the name of our Lord Jesus Amen

Lord Jesus, you have always been faithful to me. Even when I go astray, you always pull me back. A lot of times I ask myself why you love me so much. I understand now that a good father never leaves the child whether good or bad.

Heavenly Father, you have said in your word that we need not be afraid to go through hard times. Instead we should be thankful for the gift of endurance.

Faithful God, I count it a blessing when I go through trials and temptations because I know my faith is being tested to produce perseverance. Therefore, let my heart rejoice and put its full trust in you. I am not alone in these tough times; you are with me. I will endure till the end through your grace and your wisdom. Thank you for being my tower of strength. Amen.

Heavenly King, I come before you seeking your strength during these hard times. Renew my strength. Let my heart find comfort in you because you are the giver of patience and endurance. Without you, I will crush. I will give up; I will not reach the finish line. Hold my hand, Lord. Let your grace help me go through this peacefully. I know I will come out victorious because you are with me. Amen.