Prayer For Elders

Almighty God we bless Your Name today and give You thanks. I pray that You will bless every individual here today. As we come together to lift up Your Holy Name we pray that Your Holy Spirit will feel welcome in this place. I pray that You will anoint us that we may hear from heaven. Remove all distractions that would keep us from hearing from You and set our hearts and minds upon You God, Amen.

Our Father, we give You thanks today. Father we commit every Elder into Your loving hands. As we enter into Your presence I pray that we will see Your glory and that we will be transformed by You God. I pray that all needs shall be met today in the Name of Jesus, according to the riches of His glory in Jesus Christ. May no individual leave here today the same, Amen.

Lord of love, thank you for everything and yes to all that is to come. Bless and comfort every older person, remove fears and loneliness..may they feel your powerful but gentle closeness. Nothing we say or do can add to your heavenly glory. Lord of love and mercy, forgive our poor faith. May we be with you, as you are with us always and forever. Amen

Dear Lord God, how I thank You for my parents Who have been such a wonderful support to me throughout the whole my life. They taught me of You from being a child, and I cannot thank You enough for placing me in a family that knows and loves You.

Father, they are now elderly and becoming infirm, and increasingly they are both struggling to carry out the simplest of tasks.

Lord, I pray that I may be given the strength and the ability to care for them both as long as they need my help. I know that this is a mammoth undertaking and of myself I do not have the strength or resources to undertake such a task. And yet, I want to honour my parents and You Lord, by caring for them in their twilight years of their lives.

Help me Father, to tend for them lovingly and wisely and keep them I pray, from the unpleasantries of ill health and from the difficulties of becoming bed-ridden.

Lord, they are both Your children and I pray that Your love will surround them and that Your blessing will pour down in great measure upon each of them, until You take them to be with Yourself. In Jesus' name I pray,


Loving Father, You have been my Rock in times of trouble, my Peace in times of distress and my Shelter from the storms of life. But Lord, as I advance in years I find I am becoming weary and worn-down with life in general, and I need You to be my good and gracious Shepherd, as my steps are slowing down to a shuffle and my health is showing signs of fatigue. Carry me on Your shoulder, my Saviour, and let me rest quietly in the crook of Your loving arms. Give me strength to face each day, for new every morning is Your love for me.

Lord, You have been my faithful Friend through so much of my life. You guided me thorough my childhood and were there during those days of carefree youth. You were with me as I entered into the joys and woes of marriage and supported me through the frantic years of parenthood. And now in the twilight years of my life, I am so thankful that You are my precious Saviour Who loved me so much that You took the punishment on the cruel cross that I rightly deserved. How can I ever thank You enough, my Lord and my God.

Visit me I pray, in my advancing years, and nourish me as I turn each day to Your precious Word for my daily sustenance. I love You Lord, and although I long to be with You and see You face to face, while-ever there is breath in my body, may I be used as a channel through whom Your love flows out to others. Thank You, Father, that I may come boldly to Your throne of grace, in and through the wonderful name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,


Gracious Heavenly Father, You are our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble and we bring before You the elderly men and women who have come to the twilight years of their lives, facing physical, mental or spiritual suffering.

Lord, for those that are Your children, we pray that You will be very close to each one and that You would give them the sufficiency of Your strength to endure the bodily pain or anguish of heart that they may be facing, as good and faithful soldiers and servants of Christ. Giving them courage to endure, knowing that there is a crown of rejoicing that awaits them at the appearance of their Lord and Saviour, when He appears at His coming.

But Lord, we know that there are many that do not know You, and whatever physical and mental pain and suffering they are going through, is nothing compared with the spiritual pain of not knowing the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and Redeemer. Draw close to all elderly people who are unsaved, and bring many of them into a saving faith in the Lord Jesus, in Whose name I pray,


Dear Lord, as we gather together in Your presence on one accord we pray with our hearts lifted that You will be present as we join together in this service. We pray that You will help us to follow Your will, direction and guidance, that we may stand together in your Holy Name. May the Lord bless and keep each Elder and cause His face to shine upon them, Amen.

Oh Lord, how wonderful is Your Name. Father, as we gather together we ask that Your will shall be done today. I commit this service into Your hands and I pray that You will have full control of the service. I pray that You will anoint our ears that we will hear from You and there will be no distractions. We pray that Your word will fall upon the right ground that we will be doers of the word, Amen.