Prayer For Education

Father, we bring to You the Education Mountain. Thank You for our children and all who are
engaged in learning. Thank You also for those You call and equip to teach and thank You for
the freedom to attend school.
We pray that Your name would be exalted above knowledge that puffs up, and we ask You
to establish Your throne in the hearts of our children. We pray that our children would be
taught of the Lord and that their peace would be great.
Bless those in school administration with your wisdom that comes from above and brings
peace. Grant them knowledge of Your will and courage to follow after it. We ask for school
board members to be elected who hold deep knowledge of Your Word.
We ask for revival in our schools. Father, pour out Your Spirit on our sons and our daughters.
We ask for a harvest of souls of both teachers and students. Cause our students and
educators to experience Your love. Teach Christian students to conduct themselves in ways
that honor You and give them boldness and courage to share the gospel with their peers.
We pray for our children to have a great love for learning. We pray that students will be
taught respect for authority, obedience, and understanding of the Ten Commandments. We
pray that parents will be involved in their child's education and recognize the importance of
it. We pray that children will be taught Judeo-Christian values and taught in ways that will
cause them to reach their full potential and destiny, functioning in both wisdom and
Be with the students who feel rejected. Convict the other students and teachers who
ostracize and bully them. Keep violence away from every school. We pray for the protection
of every student and teacher and ask You to expose any weapons brought onto school
premises and render them harmless.
Lord, release Your truth into our schools. Help students to know what is right and to discern
false teaching. Increase their ability to understand and think critically about the world around
them. Prepare our children to impact the nation and not be influenced by anything false. We
ask You to invade our schools with biblical truth and call for the intercessory prayer to undergird them.
In Jesus' name, Amen!

God ears pick up every conversation our kids have. Pray to Him in recognition of what He already knows. When learning is swallowed up by the social scene, academics aren't the only thing at risk. Our children's friends' will eventually have more influence than we do. Tragically, much of what we are praying for here today comes down to friendships and social skills.

The most powerful way to pray is by quoting God's Word, and I believe it's important to memorize Scripture for that purpose and beyond. In a transcendent way, this verse also illuminates the importance God places on learning. He created a world to discover and knowledge to be attained. Classrooms can be packed and distracting, making it hard for students to focus and teachers to teach. Mandated testing doesn't always align with a child's actual capacity of knowledge.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your love and presence at (speak the name of your school or institution). Thank You for Your provision our teachers, administrators, home school instructors, office staff, coaches, bus drivers, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, case workers, school staff and volunteers, community partners, school board members. We thank You, Lord, for safety and protection for every person in this school, uni, tafe etc. (speak the name of your school or institute). Thank You for blessing our community with Your peace. We, humbly come before Your throne of grace asking you to bless everyone and everything. You are awesome Lord, We sing praises to You, our Father, and declare Loud that You are the King over all of the earth!

Almighty Father, we decree that You are the Light and Salvation of all the Education sphere in every nation. You are the fortress of education, protecting everyone involved in this sphere from danger, from bullying, from control, from ungodly thoughts, from the evil one.

In Jesus' Name, we rebuke every spirit of fear, intimidation, murder, theft, vandalism, violence, bullying, destruction, discord and perversion. We confess the following promises of God upon all the Education sphere.

Holy Spirit, give us courage and help us as Christians, to share Christ with the unsaved in all schools and institutions. Use Christians wherever they are to witness to the truth to also bring holiness and blessing into all the Education sphere.

Holy Spirit, impart into all students Your spirit of excellence, like Daniel, and other prophets, Bless all educators and everyone working in the education sphere for their service to our community. Help them to remain committed to their educational calling. Keep them safe in their classrooms and lead and guide them as they teach. Grant them the truth, wisdom, creativity, and grace Increase also the wisdom and understanding of all parents on how to Lead godly lives based on your gospel and law.

Heavenly Father, we forgive all educators for any acts of sinfulness, including theft, strife, discord, jealousy, rivalries, violence, injustice, hatred, oppression, greed, idolatry, pride, slander, sexual immorality, selfish ambition, abuse of any type, drunkenness, wild parties, division, and other sins like these. We Forgive those who committed ungodly behaviours in our schools and institutions to come to repentance, declaring that you all God of all.

O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise and ever to rejoice in His consolation.

Merciful Father, forgive the sins of educators who has the beliefs of liberalism and they are trying to force these beliefs on the next generation. (speak the specific sins). We ask you Lord to send intercessors, prayer leaders, Compassionate evangelists to speak the truth and preach the gospel in all private and public schools. Increase the awareness of parents for sacrificing their kids to excessive television, video games, music and to the ways and customs of the world. Forgive us, as a nation, for devaluing the worth of teachers and education.

Lord, children around the world need an education to have the full and abundant life You came to give them. Your Word demonstrates how You touch people's hearts to spur them to action for their own benefit. Bless people living in poverty by providing ways to learn to read and to apply this new skill to help lift their families out of poverty for this generation and generations to come. Amen

Father God, in the power of the Holy Spirit we bring our concerns and worries about education and all people involved in this work.

Father God, we give you thanks for:
our education system
all teachers
all who work in education
the joys of teaching.

We pray that all who are involved will use their skill wisely, feel themselves to be valued and help the students in their care to learn and grow.

Father God, we remember the work of teachers, the men and women who have trained hard, and now use their skills in educating others. We acknowledge their work, and we want to understand the joys, the stresses and the strains they feel in their daily work.

Father God, we pray for:
dedicated teachers
teachers who feel inadequate or stressed.

Lord God, we remember all these people in their various tasks; give them strength, courage and a sense of purpose in teaching.

Father God, we pray for:
struggling or unsupported teachers
teachers who feel overwhelmed by their workload.

Lord God, we remember all these people in their various tasks; give them peace, joy and a sense of purpose in their teaching.

Father God, we pray for teachers in:
special needs schools
infant and junior schools
secondary schools
colleges and universities
adult education.

Lord God, we remember of these people in their various tasks; give them energy, commitment and a sense of purpose in their work.

Father God, we pray for:
Schools learning how to be responsible for their own budgets
Governors learning how best to support and motivate school workers
Head teachers trying to motivate themselves and others
Teachers whom we know personally.

Lord God, we remember of these people in their various tasks; give them awareness, sensitivity and a sense of purpose in their work.

Father God, we pray for:
People training to be teachers
People considering a career in education.

Lord God, we remember all these people in their various situations, give them a clear sense of direction.

Lord, we know that teaching can be a thankless task. Help us to be aware of the needs of those who have the responsibility for educating others. May we as a community be supportive and caring, offering a listening ear and practical concern whenever we can; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A teacher plays such an important role in a child's life. God, be with teachers, especially those working in places that experience extreme poverty, conflict, or other challenges. Give them wisdom on how to interact with their students, and provide them with joy for the great work they do. Let them feel support and love from community members. We also pray for more people to be inspired to teach make their calling clear, guiding them along your path.

Father, we are grateful that many children have the opportunity to learn with the ease of chairs, desks, and classroom tools. But for those who don't, please find a way to fill their classrooms so they have all the tools they need to be fully present and successful at school.