Prayer For Driving Safely

Before I take my place behind the wheel,
I pray, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, guide me on my way.
Virgin Mary, Morning Star,
from every danger guide this car.
Thou, dear Lord, who gave it to enjoy,
grant that its purpose be to save and not destroy.


Heavenly Father,

I thank you for the blessing of a healthy, smart teenager who has a heart for serving you. I thank you for giving him the desire to grow strong in his faith and closer to you. Lord, I know it is part of your plan that he should one day leave our home and live out your purpose for him. And I understand that learning to drive is just one more step on this journey and that my role is to train him up in the way that he shall go.

Lord, please send your Holy Spirit to guide him on this journey. Help him to make wise decisions and to keep alert to potential dangers. Prevent him from being distracted behind the wheel. If the time should come, Lord, when danger is near I ask that you take over and send your angels to safely deliver my son from danger.

And while you're at it Lord, please watch over all the other drivers on the road. Remove the distractions that cause accidents and dissolve the anger and irritability that turns to road rage.

Lord, in your mercy, please fill me with peace and comfort knowing that your protection surrounds my child. Help me to trust you in the way that Mary trusted you with her only son even as he hung on the cross to die for my sins. Teach me to turn my son over to you completely and joyfully so that he may do your will here on earth.


Lord, give me firm hands, attentive eyes, prudence and perfect control so that I may make a good journey and arrive happily at my destination.
You are the Author of life. Do not let me suffer any accident, hurt anyone or be the cause of anyone's death.
Lord, arouse in me the feelings of the good Samaritan and Simon of Cyrene.
Make me calm and patient in difficult traffic.
Protect me against all incompetence, accidents and troubles.
Together with me, protect my passengers.
Teach me to respect the signs, to use my car for good purposes and to moderate my speed.
May Your grace always accompany me on my journeys.

Dear Lord,

You know the road before me. This is a long journey I am about to take. I pray for a safe journey these 700 miles, Lord. I pray that if any problems come my way that Your hand would be with me and guide me through them. I pray for the other drivers on the road with me. Father, I pray for good rest for us all and that cell phones will be put away so no distractions take our eyes off of the road. Lord, You are mighty and I love You! Amen

Dear Lord,
I pray for all those out on the roads today. I pray that they will be more cautious and less distracted. Help us to navigate the jam-packed roads on our way to our destination. I pray you will release your angels around every vehicle on the road and that no accidents will occur. I ask that all those traveling will reach their destination safely. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Lord,
I pray over the trip we are about to take on this plane. I pray that no mechanical errors or emergencies will occur. I pray for our pilot, that he or she be alert, have sharp eyes, and steady hands during this flight. I pray for our flight attendants that they will be friendly, alert, and adequately prepared for our trip. I also pray for my fellow passengers, that everyone will be in good spirits and in good health. I pray that everyone will be able to make it where they need to go safely. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Lord,
I pray for safe travel in our car today. I ask that no unexpected mechanical or tire issues will occur. Please keep us safe on these crowded roads as well as the others we are sharing it with. As the driver, give me the discernment as to when to take breaks so that I do not push myself to the limit. Release your angels to surround us and protect us until we get to our final destination. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Lord Jesus, it was my first time to skid on the road this morning. It has left me shaken and fearful to drive home later today. Please watch over me and George (my vehicle), grant me a steady hand and a watchful eye. Don't let me be too self conscious about driving and bring me safely home. Keep me always safe as well as the other drivers who are on the road with me. Drive before me, beside me, behind me. This I pray in Your mighty name. Amen.