Prayer For Dog

Dear Jesus, You created mankind to be the crown over Your masterpiece. Yet, You still care for even the dogs who eat the scraps from the master's table. In light of Your abundant mercy for all creatures, I ask of You to bring healing and health to my sick dog who has recently come down with something. I pray that You graciously send Your Spirit to drive away all disease. Renew the health of my dear friend. Amen.

Compassionate Father, You spoke by Your prophets of the salvation of the entire world. Your aim was not just man, but for the whole world to be glorified. You describe the lion and lamb lying down together in peace. Lord, I pray You would manifest this peace here and now. Heal my dog who has fallen ill and has shown no signs of wellness. Bring Your redemptive plan to act for him/her right now. Give us a glimpse of this eternal healing, that glory might be brought to Your name. Amen.

Lord Jesus, my sick dog is now in the hands of caretakers whom I have never met. I want to trust them, Lord, but my dog is my closest companion. Lord, I pray that You would give me the heart to entrust the care of my dog to them. I know that in trusting them, I am trusting You. For You work miracles every day through the hands of people, and You bring about all good things. Amen.

Lord, my Refuge, when You looked upon the wickedness of creation, You deemed that the creatures were to be saved along with Noah and his family. In this, You showed Your love and care for all creatures. I pray that You would look upon my dog with this same mercy. He/she is very sick and may not survive. Lord, I pray that You bring swift help. Purge him/her of the affliction they are experiencing. Bring my family and I peace and comfort during this time, that we might be well equipped to do what is necessary. Amen.

God, our Healer, we thank you for taking care of us and our pets each day. I know of the incredible miracles that Jesus performed. This is why I come before you asking for you to help heal my dog. I know you have the power to set it free of its troubling ailment. This dog cannot tell me what exactly the problem is, but I know that you are aware of what problem is. Almighty God, I ask you to give good health to my friend so that he may be whole again. My dog has always been with me in both good and bad times. I don't know what I would do without him. Give my dog peace and strength to withstand this painful moment he's undergoing. Grant me this request. It deeply hurts me seeing something I care about be in so much pain. I want things to go back to the way they were. I miss taking my dog out for a walk. Please restore my dog's health and my happiness.


Dear Lord, as the saying goes, Dogs are a man's best friend. They keep us company in the lowest points of our lives. They celebrate with us during the happiest moments of our lives. They bark when we get home from school or work, because they've missed us. They never fail to let us know that they're happy by getting very excited about the most simple things. Dogs are our little protectors. Dogs provide us with joy, happiness, and companionship. They lift up our spirits and make us smile. I pray that people will continue to appreciate the companionship that their dogs provide. They are one of the most amazing animals on Earth. For as long as history can remember, dogs have always been a huge part of our lives. They have served as a means of protection against bad people. Some dogs are also great swimmers, and there are countless of stories where they have saved the lives of people. Thank you Lord for allowing us to become good friends with such wonderful animals. Their loyalty and obedience is always something we can count on. Please help those dogs stuck in shelters find a new home where they can be cared for. In your name I pray.


Help me Lord to be a good steward of my dog, and be able to provide an enriching home for them. Restore them with health and give me wisdom how to treat what ails them.

God, bless my dog, and care for them today, surround them with your love, and healing. Comfort them during times I can't be there.