Prayer For Dog Death

Hail to you, Anubis, and may you protect this dog
as he runs to the afterlife.
Hail to you, Kerberos, guardian of the gates,
watcher of the land beyond,
may you welcome this dog to the next place.
Hail to you, Wepwawet, opener of the roads,
may you take this dog to stand beside you,
brave and loyal in life and death.
Hail to you, loyal pet, and may you be blessed
as you run into the sunset to the west,
chasing the stars into the night,
one final time.

Faithful friend, loyal companion,
we say farewell to you now.
You have kept us warm at night,
protected our home
and offered us unconditional love.
For this we are thankful,
and we will remember you forever.

We honor the memory of our precious pet with the warm light of this candle, sending to all our beloved pets a message of peace and love. We, as pet caregivers, bring our loss and sorrow to this place and together we ask that day by day our grief will be lessened. Each day let us continue to see how the relationship we had with our beloved pet still impacts our lives today.

We gather today joining hearts as we honor the loss of our beloved pet (pet's name) who made our days and our lives more enjoyable. Someday we hope to meet with you again (pet's name) in eternity with hugs, kisses and tears. We miss your daily presence and unending love in our daily lives. Death ends a life but our relationship still lives on in my heart and in my memory of times we spent together. You are now free running the fields where we will meet again. You are restored to complete health. You are in God's loving care forever.

Dear God, we bring our grief in the loss of (pet's name) to you and ask for the courage to move through our grief. We bring you all our thanks for (pet's name) who we were blessed to have as our precious pet. She/he gave so freely of his/her love to all those who she'd meet. We commit our beloved pet and companion into your loving hands. Surround us with your love and give us others to support us as we mourn.

Lord, I come to you in sadness. I am hurting and grieving.

I miss my dear friend.

There is an enormous void in my life.

Memories flood me, and I am overwhelmed.

Help me, Lord.

Help me to deal with my loss.

I want to remember our times together, but I need your miracle-working power to enable me to enjoy those memories - without at the same time - experiencing this deep grieving.

Surround me with your compassion and your healing mercies.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the joy we have felt over the years of having such a beautiful pet dog. So much of your goodness and gentleness was given to us by his/her presence. We feel so sad to now have lost such a faithful companion. We now trust in your promise of redemption. We trust in the promise of heaven - that our new lives will be free from sin, pain and death.

We give thanks for all that you have given us and place our devoted loved one into your eternal hands.


Loving Lord,

I pray for your loving compassion to surround my friend who has lost her pet.

Lord, you and I share a love for (friend's name) and a compassion for her emotional pain.

Lord, put your arms of love around her and comfort her as she deals with the loss of her beloved pet.

Death has taken her treasured companion from her home, but it cannot take (pet's name) from her heart.

Thank you, Lord, for all the good times that they shared. They created a bond that will never be broken.

Thank you for all the joy and laughter that (pet's name) gave to the world.

As (friend's name) ponders their reunion in heaven, may she feel a growing satisfaction that this life is but the entry hall into our eternal home.

May (friend's name) feel warm and comforted as she realizes that there will be more memories to be made with her pet when she arrives in our Father's heavenly home.

As we look through the eyes of faith, we see (pet's name) joyfully playing in the heavenly kingdom of God.

In Jesus' name I pray,