Prayer For Debut

Lord, we thank You for this day, it's beauty and its light. You have done so much for us and You keep on blessing us.

Bless (name) as he/she celebrates his/her birthday today. May he/she become more fully a reflection of Your radiance. Give her strength and compassion, courage and wisdom. Show him/her the light in his/her self and others. May he/she recognizes the good that is available everywhere. May he/she be, this day, an instrument of love and healing. Lead him/her into gentle pastures. Give him/her deep peace that, he/she might serve You most deeply. Amen.

Lord, let this feast of my birth be a reminder to me of all the gifts and blessings I have received from You this day and all the days of my life. On my day of celebration, I thank you for my life and all of my blessings and ask for another year filled with Your presence in my life that I may continue to grow in your love.
Gracious God, I thank You for enabling me to celebrate my birthday. Lord You have been good to me all these years and I thank You for all the blessings I have received but especially for life itself.

Creator God, I do not know what lies ahead for me this year. Yet I know that You are holding my future in Your hand. Let my ways be pleasing to you. As You have promised, be with me, Lord. Grid me with Your strength and grace so that I can live for Your light. Enable me to draw closer to You that I may walk in your peace and be the creative and loving person that you intend for me to be. I ask this and all things in the sure and certain knowledge of your love for me and for all your people. Amen.

Heavenly Father, the birth of your son Jesus Christ has brought great joy to Mary and Joseph. In a very special way, we thank You for (name) whose birthday we celebrate today. May he/she grow in Your faith and hope. Bless her always in Your love. Bless us too, Holy Father, help us all to praise You and give You glory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for your presence with us this day. As we depart from this space now, we ask you to bless us throughout the remainder of the day and guide us safely home. Do not let the learning and conversations of this gathering die, but, instead, may they continue to ruminate within us and bear fruit in our ministries throughout the year, until we find ourselves together again. We ask this in the name of Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Father in heaven we come to you today thanking you for (insert name). We are glad that you have brought us together and allowed us to know (insert name). On this day we ask for your special blessing and a day filled with hope, joy and optimism. We pray that this coming year might be one that will bring personal success and fulfilment and accomplishment for (insert name). Father we know that you delight in blessing your children and so we ask for this. May we all be grateful for your goodness. This we ask in the name of our loving Lord Jesus Christ.


Dear Lord, we are all present in this venue to celebrate this ____ (mention the type) party. We thank you for the blessings you have made possible for its successful preparation.

Bless the hands that had prepared this place, to make it comfortable and safe for us. Bless the people who have prepared the food diligently and lovingly with their hands.

Bless the organizers of this party so they may have more strength and zest to continue bringing your love through parties like these.

We also pray that you bestow your blessing to everyone present in this room and all our loved ones left at home. We know that you will keep them safe for us.

May we find joy and love through our meaningful interaction in this event.

We are aware that nothing is possible without your blessings. May we ask therefore that your generosity be accorded to all those who are sick, lost and lonely.

As we enjoy our party, we are rest assured that you will be there for them, as you are here with us in our celebration and joy.

We ask all these blessings in your might name, Oh Lord. Amen.

Lord God, Giver of Life and Constant Companion,
we give you thanks and praise for the life of N.
on this very special day of her debut.

Bestow your heavenly blessings upon N. today
and all the days of her life.

As she enters into the life of the community as an adult woman,
may the Holy Spirit continue to guide her in wisdom,
knowledge, and strength.

Through the intercession of Mary,
may she be counted
among the faithful and valiant women of the community,
sharing her gifts, talents, and time for the sake of others,
especially the poor and marginalized.

May her heart continue to be molded
into the likeness of Jesus' heart,
that she may serve you with joy and happiness.

Give her good health,
a long life,
close friends,
a discerning heart,
a zeal for life
and lots of love and hope.

We pray this
in the name of the Father, (+)
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

"GOD of all creation, worthy of our praise, we are grateful for Your presence in this evening's celebration of life. We thank You for this opportunity in bringing us together and share a glorious event that marks the 18th birthday of _______.

Oh Heavenly Father, You are the source of all our strength. May you bestow upon us Your Divine Grace. May You bring forth success in this night's activities and guide us as we partake in this festive occasion.

All of us here tonight share the same prayer for ______, that she may achieve her dreams and aspirations in life. That God will grant her the realization of her heart's desires and blessed her with abundance... may it be financial or spiritual.

May our Loving and Generous God, offer her the virtue of kindness, patience, honesty, understanding, perseverance and all the goodness that may be pleasing to others and most especially, to Your holiness.

We thank You for giving her 18 years of blissful yet challenging years. As she enters another fruitful phase in life, guide her way leading to the righteous path and protect her against imperfections that may hinder success and true happiness.

We praise You, Lord for surrounding her with love from family, relatives and friends. Their presence in her life makes the person she is now. They are the wind beneath her wings. They will always be there to support and direct her journey through life.

Tonight, we ask for Your ever gracious hand to bless every gift to be offered and sanctify every wish to be uttered.

Almighty God, fill our hearts with Your love, faithfulness and mercy as we gather in Your Name and bless the meal that we will share in this joyful evening.

We entrust all our prayers unto You in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, AMEN."