Prayer For Debt Free Life

Lord I ask that in whatever way I brought this burden upon myself through indiscipline or selfish desires, I ask that you have mercy upon me and that you have mercy on me and hence-forth help to be more disciplined in the area of my finances in Jesus name.

Father I thank you because your will for me is to be debt free, you said in your word that I will lend to many nations and not borrow. I therefore ask according to your will that you take away this burden of debt from me and that from henceforth I will only lend to people and not borrow in Jesus name.

my heavenly father, i thank you for today. thank you that am alive and that you have blessed my life with good health. i adore and cherish you.father one thing that disturbs my heart is the way that i live with fear.

Remove that fear in me. The fear of being in debt and being financially not stable. my lord your name is great and there is nothing above you and that is why am changing my ways and coming to you cause you are the only one who can have shown that your help is free and you provide 100% for those who believe and trust in you.lord for all those debts that i have acquired please cancel them for me.

as i live everyday in this earth let me seek your help. provide for me cause what am only asking is to live knowing that my rent would be paid and my bills would be paid too.thats what am only asking from you lord. am not asking for millions cause what i need right now my heavenly father is for you to help me. i believe and trust in you.

In jesus name i do pray and believe


Please, a family of Christ, pray for me to be in a position to pay all my debts coz I don't see a way out but I believe in God to help me overcome them. A good and strong relationship with my God. A good and blessed love life with a good partner.

Dear Lord,
I come to you today with great faith. I am in debt and are facing financial crisis. Please God you have done miracles in my life. Please Lord help that I be debt free and help me to be financial stable in life. You have worked great miracles in my life. I ask you today please work a miracle in my life and help that I be debt free and I become financial stable.
I pray in Jesus's name that my pray request be granted.

Dear Lord i have accumulated a lot of debts please God forgive me. I have a lot that i cannot solve, i have many people to take care of and that ended me in a lot of debt, i cannot even afford to build the house i promised my parents, please God bless me with money so that i can pay all the debts and start breathing again. In you Lord i trust. AMEN

Dear Lord as I write this prayer please here my prayer and set me free. You know how much debt I have please Lord show me the way of making money n how to handle it. I cannot live my life like this yes you gave me job so I can provide my family I thank you for blessing me. I know Lord I've got lucky in terms of gambling but these day it's like my lucky have gone down to drain please Lord I need you to open my eyes wild. And to use whatever I have wisely please Lord here my prayer. I know you will answer my prayer I do have faith. Amen

God, we come to you today, needing a miracle in my finances. Although we may see no way out of this situation, Your Word says that You will provide for every need. Even in times of anxiety over the bills we face, help us to trust You and wait on Your blessing! In Jesus' name, Amen!