Prayer For Debt Cancellation

Dear heavenly Father I come to u as humble as I know how thanking you for your Grace Mercy & Favor.Lord I need you today like never before.I am in debt & feel like I'm sinking & can't see my way clear.Lord I'm asking you to step in & direct my path & order my footsteps.Lord I want to pay off all my debt & live a comfortable stress free life & be self sufficient.Lord I would like to be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to me & always have my back.All these things I ask in your son Jesus precious & holy name.Amen

Dear Lord Jesus,
I repent of my sins those of the past and those yet to be. I know your forgive us of our trespasses even those who trespass against us. You forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors. Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from all which is evil. Lord Jesus I call upon you and ask you to release me and my family from the burden of debt.You are merciful and I thank you for showing your mercies and tender loving kindness towards us and to all generations to come after us. This is my prayer and petition oh God I thank you and I pray the blood of your son Christ Jesus over this prayer.. And so be it!

Dear Lord, I am humbly asking for your guidance and divine intervention on helping me clear out all my debts. I know these are all my fault, all i just want to do is to give my daughter and mother a good life. Im really sorry for being irresponsible, I am asking for Your forgiveness and for Your help and guidance to show me the way on how to clear all my debts. Please once again, shower me with Your Precious Blood and Your endless miracles. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

Lord have mercy on your children, watch over them,protect them from the wicked who try to block there way in resolving getting out of debt. Open doors,windows and ways that will make us to always stand above the rock and not under. You put us here for a reason and our life shouldn't be targeted by the wicked who try too drain and eat our entire flock. You never put us here to suffer. I rebuke this in Jesus Almighty name and plead the blood over my entire family and in his name amen and amen, as of today I debt free.

Dear Lord,

Please help us to get rid of from the huge debts we accumulated.We want to live a peaceful life .kindly help us from all the problems..U r the only hope for us.None of them can help us without u.pls lord save us from all the problems.In the name of jesus I pray Amen

Every inherited evil spirit from my father's house troubling the glory of my finances and causing delay in destiny, be roasted by fire, in Jesus name.

Blood of Jesus deliver my hands from marine world, in the name of Jesus.

Dear God, I ask for mercy and forgiveness for my accumulated debts. I pray to be released for this debt. I ask for divine intervention over me finances and pray for my partners job. Please save him Lord and show him your light so he may know you and follow you.

I ask for intercession for his job this week and his finances. I also pray my family will accept him give me the courage to tell them about Himand O lord where else can I turn? Its only you who can help me

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen