Prayer For Daughter In Trouble

Dear Lord,

Hear my prayer help me to heal the wounds that are troubling my daughter. Help her to make the right choices and I really don't want to see her out on the street and making bad choices. I want to see her return to you Lord and stay in school and be a good girl and not so angry. Thank you Lord

Lord, I pray Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection over my daughter. Keep evil far from her, and help her to trust You as her refuge and strength. I pray You will guard her mind from harmful instruction, and grant her discernment to recognize truth. I pray You will make her strong and courageous in the presence of danger, recognizing that You have overcome and will set right all injustice and wrong one day. Help her to find rest in Your shadow, as she lives in the spiritual shelter You provide for her. Let her know that the only safe place is in Jesus, and that her home on earth is only temporary. In Jesus name, amen.

Lord, watch over her. Be the shade at her right hand so the sun will not harm her by day nor the moon at night. Lord, keep her from all harm. Watch over her life, her comings and goings now and forever.

Psalm 191 Prayer

Lord, save her. She is yours. She once sought you. The wicked wait to destroy her. Lead her back to your way. To all perfection is a limit, but your commands are boundless.

Bring her from vice to virtue. I pray that you would lead her to humility and a desire to be a woman of character, obedient, selfless, truthful, kind, diligent, morally upright.

Dear Lord, she was fearfully and wonderfully made, woven together by you in the depths of the earth. You knew her in my womb. You designed her perfectly down to the last hair on her head. Bring awareness to her heart and mind of how valuable she is to you so she might value herself.

Lord, you are the God in heaven. We stand in your presence and cry out in distress. You will hear and save our daughter. But the enemy has her. We don't know what to do. We don't want to live in fear or lose courage. The battle is yours not ours. Go before us.

We ask that you protect her mind from lies. Relight her intellectual curiosity and desire to be honest. Open her eyes to truth about herself and others. Show her how to value herself, our country, and other people in a real way. Help her to see that she's being taken by wolves in sheep's clothing to steal the good future you have planned for her.

Your daughter is a precious gift from God and you want to do all that you can to protect her, encourage her, and build her confidence. One of the greatest tools we have as a parent is prayer! The below prayers on various topics such as self worth, wisdom, purity, and protection, can help you find the words to pray over your daughter. When you are worried and anxious about your daughter's life and choices, you can cast your cares on Jesus and find peace knowing that He has a plan for good! Be encouraged that God moves through prayer and you can equip yourself and your daughter with wisdom.

Dear Lord, I know you love her more than me, but I'm scared for her. Please give her a sense of your love and who you are. Use the Holy Spirit to convict her with a pierced conscience or even some physical discomfort with sin choices. Place Christian mentors in her path. Keep angels on duty protecting her from lasting harm.

Give her eyes that see, ears that hear, and a humble heart inclined toward you. Let her know the gravity of what you did for us and yearn to serve and worship you as Lord and Savior.

Dear Lord, I bring my precious daughter before You now. Lord, she has completely lost her way in life and has started to get into some quite serious trouble. I fear for her future and ask You to intervene in a miraculous way. She has become involved with a wrong crowd of people who are influencing her attitude as well as her actions, and I am afraid that before too long she may even get into serious trouble, possibly even with the police.
Lord, I don't even know what she is doing, but I fear that she could be getting involved with drugs or even worse and she seems to have lost all the values that we sought to teach her as a child. Dear Lord, in Your loving-kindness and grace, look down on our daughter and I ask that You would halt the dangerous direction she is taking and return her onto the right track.
Lord, You were the One that created her and formed her while she was still in the womb and scheduled every day of her life, and she seems to have strayed so far from the path that You planned. In your pity and love Lord, bring her to a point in life where she recognises the foolish choices she is making and may she admit her need of You.
Help her to see that the path she has chosen will only result in pain and heartache for all concerned. Bring her back into a right relationship with Yourself, and Lord, I pray that she would wake up to the dangers of her chosen life-style and plant her feet back on the path of righteousness. This I ask in Jesus' name,