Prayer For Communities

Lord God, we pray for guidance for our local pastors as they nurture Your congregation and seek to serve those around them. We pray congregations would welcome neighbors with open arms. We hope for residents to find a place to experience community with the body of Christ as they grow spiritually.

Father, we pray for the teachers and local principals who devote their days to shepherding our students. Please be present as district and state leaders make impactful decisions. We ask for guidance and patience for the parent volunteers as they serve our neighborhood schools. We pray that our schools will be a safe, positive community for our students.

Heavenly Father, you gather us together in our faith journey

Trusting in you, we join one another as a community
A community of faith on a journey
A journey to grow ever deeper in our faith
In our Love
In our Desire to long for you
Along the way, remind us of your Love
Of your sacrifice for us
Of your ever mindful presence
Let us never lose hope along the way
Help us to be strong
Strong in Faith
Strong in Love
Strong in our Desire to be ever mindful of your presence
For it is in your strength and Love and the Graces you bestow upon us, that we can go out and share in your Love and Faith with all those in our community.
It is in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reins with you and the Holy Sprit one God For ever and ever


Thank you, Heavenly Father, for where you have placed me at this time. Where I live is no accident. This neighborhood is my mission field, and I declare these streets are covered by the blood of Jesus. Satan has no power here. Neighbor will embrace neighbor. The strong will stand for the weak. The young will respect the old. The capable will assist the unable. These homes will be safe havens of friendship, kindness, and compassion. No one will go hungry. No one will go unnoticed. Lives here will be changed in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Father, thank you for the opportunity to work. Thank you for providing a way for bills to be paid and for food to be on the table. God, as I work today, help me to remember I work for you. Help me to prioritize my tasks. Partner with me as I field phone calls, solve problems, and collaborate with co-workers. Create in me a heart that works with honesty, patience, and integrity. Let people see you when they see me at work. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thank You for the relationships in our neighborhood: for friendships, marriages, families. You created relationships to be powerful. Lord, strengthen the marriages in my neighborhood. Supply parents with the wisdom, resources, and steadfast love to display You to their kids. Strengthen our friendships with perseverance, self-sacrifice, and honesty. Sustain those who are selflessly caring for others. Increase our generosity and compassion. Present to God specific prayers for relationships.

Lord, thank You for the diverse personalities, abilities, passions, and ways of seeing the world that you've placed around me. I beg you today for unity in this town/city/country. We are highly divided. You alone are the Prince of Peace; you alone are the One whose name is Love. Cover our community with Your peace. Teach usteach meto love. Show us the ways of forgiveness, of loving our neighboreven those most outcastas ourselves. Open our eyes to those who are rejected, powerless, oppressed, or overlooked. You have such great promises for us when we shoulder their burdens with them (Isaiah 48)! Let us be a voice for the voiceless. Spend time praying for specific needs in this area.

Almighty God, you have created all people and all of creation. We give you thanks for this gift we're invited to engage with hope, joy and love as your disciples. Open our hearts and our eyes to see our communities as you would have us to see them. Help us to find courage to sit and hear others when so often we want to be heard first. You are good and you are gracious, O God. Let us see all people as children of you, who created us all. It is in the name Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.