Prayer For Closer Walk With God

Holy Mary, help the helpless, strengthen the fearful, comfort the sorrowful, pray for the people, plead for the clergy, intercede for all who keep your sacred commemoration experience the might of your assistance.

O Lord Jesus, through You I humbly beg our merciful Father to send the Holy Spirit of grace, that He may bestow upon us His sevenfold gifts.

May He send us the gift of wisdom which will make us relish the Tree of Life that is none other than Yourself; the gift of counsel which will guide us in the way of righteousness; and the gift of fortitude which will give us the strength to vanquish the enemies of our sanctification and salvation.

May He impart to us the gift of knowledge which will enable us to discern Your teaching and distinguish good from evil; the gift of piety which will make us enjoy true piece; and the gift of fear which will make us shun all iniquity and avoid all danger of offending Your Majesty. To the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit be given all glory and thanksgiving forever.

Lord Jesus Christ, while on earth You had close and devoted friends, such as John, Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. You showed in this way that friendship is one life's greatest blessings. Thank You for the friends that You have given me to love me in spite of my failures and weakness, and to enrich my life after Your example. Let me ever behave toward them as You behaved toward Your friends. Bind us close together in You and enable us to help one another on our earthy journey.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You desire to spend time with me, and You have even called me Your friend. God, Your Word says if I draw near to You, You will draw near to meand I want to be near to You. So, right now, in the Name of Jesus, I ask that You cause me to desire to draw near to You above everything else. Help me to have supernatural time-management abilities, help me to see clearly when I can set aside time to spend with You, and help me never to compromise that time.

Father, You said You are a rewarder of those who diligently seek You. I know that to be diligent, I need to pursue You with passion and perseverance. Help me to put Your Word first in every decision I make, to pray continually throughout the day, and to look for opportunities to listen to teachings that will build my knowledge and understanding of who You are and what You want for my life.

I thank You that as I do these things, You will guide me into all truth, show me things to come, and anoint the works of my hands.

I praise You and thank You for these things.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Father, I long to have a closer walk with You. You are more important than anything else in my life. Help me remove idols and sin. Speak to me, and refresh me today. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear Lord, thank you for given me this opportunity to voice out my hardship. Dear brothers and sisters in christ please help me to pray to our Lord that I will receive the blessing from him and fulfill my wish. I am in deep financial problems having difficulties to pay up my personal loans and other outstanding bills. Recently my daughter got offer to further her study and make me even worried.How am I going to look for money to support her when I don't even have any saving neither do I have enough to spend on daily food to survive. I am a single mother and no one else to turn to . Lord I know that you are the most almighty and rich in miracles. Let those people who rejoice in my despair all these while believed that you have answered my pray. Thank you Lord for protecting and shine the right path for me.

Dear God,

I come to you as humble as I know how. Lord God I know that you know my situation but Lord God I want you to know that I am in dire need of a financial blessing today.

Lord GOD I also thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family and for those we are about to receive. Lord God I ask that you continue to keep my family safe and guide us in the correct path. Thank you Lord God, Amen

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Word tells us that eternal life is knowing You and the Lord Jesus Christ Whom You have sent to be our Lord and Savior, and Father, I want to know more of You.
Help me to know You more and to love You better, and I pray that I may learn to spend more time simply sitting at Your feet, listening to Your Word and communing with You in Your presence.
I pray that You will capture my heart, teach me Your ways and draw me every closer to Yourself, so that I may learn more of You and the eternal truths of Your precious Word.
Give me a child-like anticipation and joy of coming into Your presence each day, an ever deepening awareness of the future inheritance that you have prepared for me in heaven that will never fade or spoil. Give me a closer walk with You I pray, and may my daily fellowship with You become my dearest priority in life. This I ask in Jesus' name,