Prayer For Church Members


We are in an exciting time in our church! Our family is growing so much and I have seen personally so many things happen for Your glory here! We are at a crossroad and it looks like an expansion is necessary. Father, I pray for Your wisdom to overflow into the congregation as we hold our congregational monthly meeting to talk about this. May we not expand the church for our own pride or accomplishments. You are the One who has accomplished the growth of this church. You are moving big time right now and we all need to focus on You and not ourselves. Give us wisdom as to what to do in this expansion. May we build exactly what You are leading us to build. I give You all the praise in this, Lord! Amen

Dear Lord,

Thank You for leading me to my church family! I am surrounded by a few extremely close brothers and sisters that I love with my whole heart. I pray that as we get older and closer that we will never lose sight of what brought us together and that was You, Father. I pray that You watch over them and keep them safe, Lord. May we always be accountable to one another and never demean one another but always encourage each other in the times of blessing and of trials. I thank You for my brothers and sisters, Lord! I love You! Amen

Dear Father In Heaven,

I can't say enough words to thank You for the men you've placed in pastoral roles in my church. I pray that You would continue to mold them into the children You have called them to be. Grow their intellect. Empower them to be bold. Give them peace in the midst of difficult sermons to preach. Lead them Father, as they continue to lead the congregation for You! Lord, You are sovereign over all things and I pray that You will open the hearts of this congregation as our leaders lead us in song and sermon. Thank You for them, Father! Amen

Lord, You have told us in Your Word that You hear our prayers. We are crying out to You, we are humbling ourselves before You and seeking Your face. We come together as a church body to seek You. We repent and turn from our wicked ways, thank You for hearing us. Thank you for Your forgiveness and healing.

Father God, You desire peace and unity and encouragement for our body of believers. Help us, Lord, to pursue what makes for peace and for building one another up. To pursue the things You will lead to peace and unity. Give us discerning hearts to know Your will and give us the courage to be obedient. Lord, we know that without You and Your Holy Spirit indwelling each of us, we cannot do any of these things. But, with You and for Your glory, grant our body peace and unity.

God, help our church body to walk in a manner worthy of the calling You have given us. Help us in all our interactions with one another to have humble and gentle hearts. Grant us patience for one another, bearing with one another in love. Grant the Body of Christ unity. May we walk humbly with You, God, allowing You to show us our wrongs.

Lord, as we assemble together in the name of Christ, we ask that You help this time to be fruitful for all those involved. Let this be a time in which Jesus is exalted and the Scriptures are upheld as divine truth. Let Your wisdom penetrate each of our hearts so that we might walk away with a greater insight or understanding of the things You have revealed. Grant that we may be fruitful in all of the ministries that we pursue. We thank You, Savior. Amen.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the opportunity to gather here in fellowship with other believers. Lord, we ask that You grant us the blessing of a safe, fruitful event. Let our discussions be wholesome, and may our spirits be lifted because of the friendships we share. May we honor You with hearts of obedience and words that are full of truth and love. Please bless this group and keep us safe in Your loving arms. We pray this in Your Son's name. Amen.