Prayer For Child Doing Exams

Heavenly Father, for grace, multiple grace we pray that your children enjoy during this season when they are literally put to the test in demand of all they have learned. For your favour upon them, for their minds to stay alert, that the memory remains sharp and the nerves be calm.
For the grace to concentrate and excel in this time that demand is placed upon the learning and understanding they have acquired we pray. We ask that the memory be kept excellent and that they are able to answer each question well. For wellbeing in Spirit, mind and body we pray that you bless them with O'Lord. Amen.

Father, into your able hands we commit our daughter as she prepares for the forthcoming examination. Take absolute control over it all now and after the examination.
Bless her with wisdom beyond her natural understanding. As she prepares for the exams, we pray that the wisdom of God will come to rest over her, help her to stay focus and understand the work presented to them. Amen.

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I commit my Lil'daughter into your sufficient care and hands.
Bless her with wisdom and good strength for the task ahead. Help her to plan her time such that you will be in charge of her very active time and above it all and still make her heart accept the place of total believe in You, We pray for favour, for understanding of questions and wisdom to answer accordingly. Bless her Lord with the required dosage for wisdom and good success in the exams.

My confession is that my children are versed with the same measure of heavenly touch that makes them out in every form of learning; have a good sense of judgement and finds knowledge as a companion.
You are the same God who anointed the three Hebrew children with that which could be termed a divine absorption of understanding in all forms of knowledge and wisdom, I pray you make them excel in all forms of academic conquest.
I thank you, Lord, for the success in advance. Amen.

Divine Father, I give thanks to you for the gift of wisdom and honour you have blessed my kids with.
Thank You for the life of the instructors that you caused to have genuine interest in seeing to the success and breakthrough of our children and youths. God, we are consciously full of appreciation for all you have done over these young ones.
Your love is stronger than wine, your mercies greater than the heaven and your sweet compassion an unending flow towards my very existence.
I ask that you bless my children with strength and wisdom making them excel greatly in the exam.

Heavenly Father,
Your peace is a sure and unfailing anchor from the anxiety and stress that comes with exam. Beyond the place of understanding your peace stands out and that is my earnest desire for my kid during the exam period particularly at this period in time.
All my fears I lay before you, at the foot of the cross I have come to place them that you might take absolute control. All the nagging concerns, worries and plaguing fears that assault my mine over concerns of failure over his performance at the exam I ask that you take total control.
Thank you for the assured success.

Father, we commit our children into Your hands. As they prepare for their exams, we pray that the wisdom of God will come upon their lives. As they prepare for the upcoming exams, may they be able to focus and understand the work presented to them. On the day of the exams, You will bless them with wisdom to understand the questions and to apply what they have learned through out the paper. Most of all, we pray for Your peace to come upon them, and that they will learn to lean upon You, and to cast their worries into Your hands. Father, we pray let Your will be done in their lives. Amen!

Jesus, I commit Jadalyn into Your hands. Give her wisdom in her heart and strength to do what she needs. Help her to plan her time. There is a time for everything. Give her a disciplined focus so that she will be a good finisher for the things she needs to do. We believe in You, that as she does her best, You, oh God, will do the rest. You are in charge. We pray for favor, for understanding of questions and wisdom to answer accordingly. We ask for a sharp mind and confidence in You, and in herself. For You will strengthen her. By Your grace, we know she will get the desired outcome. Jesus, we give You thanks. We want to glorify You and honor You. We love You. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen!