Prayer For Change Of Heart

Precious Lord, I pray that I keep my life free from the love of money and be satisfied with what I have. Righteous God, I pray that even in life's changes; even when I have not yet reached the desired destination, I will be satisfied in You! For You have said You will never leave me; You will never abandon me. Father, I thank You for being the source of my peace, Amen.

Oh Lord, I am unsure of where life is taking me right now, but I embrace the changes! I embrace the change because I know that You will lead me and be with me. I bless Your Name knowing that You will not fail me or abandon me, so I will not lose courage or be afraid. I will not worry because I know that You are in control, You see what changes I am going through because You are with me, Amen.

Everlasting God, Your word commands me not to lie to those around me, since I have taken off my old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in the knowledge of its Creator. Lord, I thank You for the spiritual, emotional and eternal changes that have occurred in my life because of You. Thank You for having Your divine way within me so that I am forever free in You, Amen.

Dear St. Jude,

I come before you and God with all my faith and hope that you please help me thru this difficult time. Comfort me in my new loneliness and give me patience in this time of need. I ask you to please help Jason A.C. to find the right words to speak to me again. Grant me your guidance and inspiration to reunite us.

Help him to work thru his differences, soften his heart, and let him see things in from a different perspective. Help me to win back the affection and intimacy we use to share and let him be not afraid to have a relationship. Inspire him to see the truth of my heart and the beauty in me, with all that I have to offer. I miss being apart of his life and I miss sharing mine with him. It saddens me that we apart at this time, but I pray for strength each day in hopes that he will return.

I ask you to please rebuild and bring us to be one heart w/ equal love for each other, making us stronger than before. St Jude, please intercede with God and grant my plea to reunite me and Jason, soon, with your blessing always.

Lord, I am so grateful for Your love and guidance. I ask You to help my with my battles over fear and worry. Most of all, I pray for courage. Create in me a clean heart, God, and help me to have the faith and courage to overcome any fears. Lord, there is so much uncertainty in life, but I trust that you will guide me and sustain me. Please give me the courage to be the person, friend and loved one You created me to be. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Lord, I know [insert name] is struggling. Please come alongside [him/her] and provide Your love, grace and guidance. I pray for Your strength, guidance and wisdom for [insert name]. I know You have the ability to change or transform anyone, so I just lift [him/her] up to You today. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Lord, you know my struggles. Please create in me a clean heart, God, and please change me. Sin is something that has crept into my life, and I've continued to struggle with [insert specific issue(s)]. I know that I can only overcome these struggles through You, so I ask that You guide me and bless me, Lord. I ask that You help me to be the person You want me to be. Thank You for Your love and guidance. Change my heart, oh God and make me more like You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Lord, create in me a clean heart. Life is so complicated, busy and chaotic. But amid the mess, please give me the strength and courage to see people, places, things and events through Your lens. Please guide me and change me, oh God. Please give me Your heart for others and the world around me. Each and every day, help me to see, through Your eyes, the truth of what is, what has been and what will one day come. In the name of Your son Jesus I pray, Amen.