Prayer For Change At Work

Gracious God, we ask you to draw near and be with us.
Help us as individuals and as an association to become who we say we are to be the women and men you have called us to be, keeping before us always the implications of our ideas for the real, living persons that our association is comprised of and the real, living persons that our association serves.

We invite you into this gathering and ask that everything we do here be for the glory of your name.


Dear God,
You know my needs. You know my desire for a job, for work I enjoy doing, for the next step in my career to present itself. I pray that you would guide me as I continue on this job hunting journey. May I focus first on your will for my life, putting your desires and your plan above my own wishes and wants. Open doors to new opportunities that you desire for me, and equip me with the skills, knowledge, and wisdom I need to take steps forward in this process. As I craft my resume, write cover letters, submit my applications, connect with new companies and potential employers, and go on interviews, give me the words to speak and the courage to share who I am and what I can do. Give me confidence that can only come from you, and give me humility too. I trust you, Lord-- my life is in your hands. Your will be done. Thank you for being near to me every step of the way and thank you for always providing for my every need. May this all be for your glory.

In your name,

Holy Lord,

Blessed be Your name always. You have set my feet on a solid rock, Jesus Christ. I thank You, Jesus, for Your bravery and love that saved me from my sins on the cross. I will praise You forever! Lord, I feel like a doormat at work. I have tried to promote ideas to better the work environment while cutting down on costs. Management usually pacifies me with words they will not follow through on. They say, we will consider it but I know they forget about me as soon as they walk away. Father, You have provided me this job and I am grateful for it. I pray that you will soften the hearts of the leadership there. I don't even care if they reject every idea of mine, Father. I just want to them to actually care and consider my suggestions. I just want to be seen as a person and not an object to make them money. I love You, Lord and I will follow You wherever You lead. I love You! Amen

Loving Father,

I praise You because You love me in spite of all of my failures and weaknesses. You wash me in Your Word and clean my soul up more with each passage I read. Father, I bring You a burden this day. I feel like I am stuck in a dead end job with no possibility of promotion. I am barely floating above water right now. You have blessed me with other talents that I could potentially use in other career fields. Father, if You are willing, I pray for You to open a door to a different career for me. I would love to use the talents You have given me to provide for my family. Where You lead, I will follow. I praise Your name, Lord! Amen

Wonderful Lord,

You have blessed me with so much, Father. I have a wonderful family and church family. I thank you for Your love and I must lay a burden at Your feet. Father, You know about the promotion that I may get. Lord, it would be a huge blessing to receive it. I am not putting my faith in money, Lord. My faith is in You only. If You allow me this promotion, I will use it faithfully as You see fit. I will be responsible with it and pay off existing debts and I will continue to tithe at church. Father, I am giving this completely to You and whatever Your decision is, I will thank You because You are loving, gracious and generous even in poverty. I love You, Abba Father. Amen

Blessed Lord,

You already know before I speak what I am going to say. Nothing I say is a surprise to You and yet You yearn for my voice daily. I love You, God, because You love me as Your own child. I bring you a huge burden today, Lord. My company is downsizing because they are losing money. O gracious Lord, my department was told about potential lay-offs. I plead with You now, Father. Please keep my position safe. I am scared for my future, Lord. I pray for Your peace that truly passes all understanding. Give me an ease of mind as I continue to work at my job. Lord, if I am laid off, it is because You have allowed it and I pray that You would have another open door ready for me to walk through. You are King, Father, and I trust in Your will this day. Amen

Most Merciful Father,

I'm at my wits end, Lord. I feel like I have tried every avenue to find work and yet I have not gotten a single phone call about my applications that I have sent out. Lord, I want to provide for my family. I want to make a steady income that can pay my rent/mortgage and provide meals for my spouse and children. Lord, you know what is best for me and I lay these burdens at your throne now. You are good all of the time, Father, and I am placing my trust in you this day. I love you Lord! Amen

Father God, I pray today for my supervisor and for all those who you have been given authority over me at . I pray that you would bless each of them and that you would meet the needs that they have according to your riches and glory in Christ Jesus. I pray specifically also for my supervisor today that you would be in the midst of all interactions today.

I pray that you would grant success in the work that you have called them to do as a supervisor and that you would help make good decisions that will help our department grow in the right direction and build good and healthy relationships among all employees.

May be open to new ideas that our department employees may bring to the table to help make our work more effective and may through that openness may our department have more unity. Lead by your spirit today.

I pray that you will help me to be an encourager of and that there will be a mutual respect that we have for one another whether we agree to disagree with everything or not.

I pray that you will help me to submit to authority and to be open to constructive criticism from .

Lord if there is anything going on in life that may be causing any stress or tension that would affect ability to be fair today or to communicate in a way that would please you, I pray that you would move in whatever the situation may be.

I pray for health and relationships with all employees and with boss as well as husbands, wives, children and all family members. I pray for finances, and most importantly, that know you and fulfill the purpose and calling that you have ordained for life.

Let my light shine today so that will see Christ in me and if does not know you may my character and conduct draw them to know you because you said in your word that if you be lifted up that you would draw all men unto you so if my life lifts you up then you will draw unto to you by your spirit.

I pray with great expectation. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen