Prayer For Bullying At Work

Almighty God, I pray that You give me the strength to drive out people who mock and tease me. Please stop the abuse and torment. I pray that I have the authority to drive out my bully so that I will no longer be oppressed by the fighting and argumentation. Instead, I declare peace in my relationships, I declare love to be the dominating power in my environment at all times, Amen.

Precious Lord, whoever would foster lover love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends. I pray that I cover the offenses of the bully with love because You encourage me to do so. Father, it is hard to show love to those who do not reciprocate it but Lord, You loved me even when I didn't love You, so I pray that I extend this same grace to those around me, Amen.

Righteous God, Your word states that blessed am I when people insult me, persecute me and falsely say all kinds of evil against me because of You. I know that in Your eyes I am blessed and highly favored regardless of what people say to me. I am more than the labels that bullies have assigned to me. Thank You for having my interests at heart, thank You for declaring a word over me that is greater than any word man could say over me, Amen.

Holy God, I pray that You give me the strength to not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among me, but instead create in me the right heart to love my neighbor as myself. I pray that I love my enemies even though they despise me, I pray that I show love to all who show hate towards me because You have commanded me to do so, Amen.

Oh Lord, I know that my struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities and powers of this dark world. My struggle is against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. I pray that I do not just look at a bully and see a human but help me to understand that this is spiritual opposition. I pray that Your word is the governing authority in my life so that I may be equipped when dealing with spiritual opposition, Amen.

Awesome Creator, the Spirit that You gave me does not make me timid, but it gives me power, love, and self-discipline! I proclaim an increase in all three because I do not want to be bullied any longer! I want to stand in Your power and authority because You have given it to me freely. I pray that You guide me as I stand up to those who try to oppress me, I pray that You protect me as I face those who seek to destroy me, Amen.

God of Love, Your word declares that anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. I pray for those who are in the darkness right now, for those who choose to hate over love and choose intimidation over respect. I pray for bullies right now, please touch their hearts. Lord, please let Your light shine upon them and eradicate the darkness that surrounds them, Amen.

Heavenly Father, those who bully others in manipulative or overt ways, and use their power in work or family situations, to oppress and to deliver injustice to others, are responsible for needless stress and misery in others' lives.

Lord please protect children, teens, and adults from bullying. Guard them from others manipulation and dominance that cause difficulties in relationship, in physical and mental health. Ensure that children and students find protection from the oppression and bullying of any other child or teen, or any adult.Help them to flourish in Your grace, to develop their full human and spiritual potential without the crippling effects of anyone's injustice or betrayal.

Protect children, teens, adults, married persons, from criticism and bullying that crushes self worth as child of God, and that creates fear destroys the trust that should honest sharing of issues, of mistakes, of facts and of feelings, of conscience, and can remain to affect the person's life even in their absence.

Please protect children, teens and adults from intellectual and spiritual bullying and domination by judgment of others and their motives, by persons who act and judge as if they themselves are more perfect and valuable than others; whilst ignoring the value and welfare of others, and their lives.

Please protect those in the workplace from overbearing and unjust employers or supervisors who treat others as inferiors, and even stoop to stealing others' ideas and work and presenting it as their own.

Please protect those facing divorce from injustice and of others' calumny and attempts to defraud them and ruin the reputation and their position regarding child custody. Please also protect innocents from unjust charges and resulting from others manipulation of the truth.

Whatever kind of bullying occurs, it is a serious offense against others, Father we bring to You each person who is oppressed, who is treated unjustly and overlooked unfairly and each person who is judged by others as being less valuable, less worthy, and to be degraded and ignored.

Father, take each of these persons into Your heart, and give them Strength, Peace, and Justice.
Father please convert the offenders and give them just Humility and Respect of others.

We ask in this Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour's name. Amen.