Prayer For Broken Hearted Healing

I am broken, with my heart in pieces and my future dreams shattered. I crawl into your care, to hide beneath your mighty wings of love. Here I find a place to rest, a space of acceptance and submission.

I will dwell here, for as long as it takes, to find each small fragment of me. And I trust that you, my loving Father, can piece together the puzzle of my life. Lord, with your extraordinary patience and love, come and restore me.

So I rest here. I close my eyes and dwell with you.

There is nothing but hurt left. I feel so broken, my heart is torn apart. All I can do is wait. Wait in this desolate place, And trust that somehow you can meet me. I feel too weak to go on. I am like a shell, living, breathing, yet so empty. All I can do is give up. Give up in this heartbroken time, And believe that somehow you can restore me. I find the sadness overwhelming, Like wave upon wave of emptiness All I can do is rest. Rest within your suffering and hope that through you - Your love, your forgiveness and your strength - I will wake to a new day A new dawn for my heart and my life. Amen.

O Lord my God, I come to You bereft in spirit with a heart that is breaking. My mind is in turmoil and I just do not understand all the turmoil that seems to be hitting me from all sides. You know Lord exactly the pain that is in my heart and the sadness and grief that I am going through and I come to You, my God, seeking Your blessed peace in my heart.

Heal my hurting heart and bind up the lacerations that have penetrated so deeply into my soul, for You alone are my hope, You alone are my strength and stay. I have nothing and no one left but You Lord.

Bind up my fragmented heart I pray, as You have promised. It says in Your Word that You came to heal the broken hearted and to free those that were entrapped in the emotional turmoil of their lives. Lord, that is my position now and I trust in You alone.

I give You my fragmented heart and pray for Your blessed peace, Your gracious peace, Your perfect peace that passes all human comprehension. Take me as I am Lord and fill me anew with your love and grace, for only through You can I be renewed in spirit, only in You can I rest in safety.

Thank You O Lord my God,


Dear Loving Heavenly Father, I come to you a broken-hearted sinner. I come to You in brokenness of heart, for I am beginning to understand what the Lord Jesus Christ actually did for me on the Cross. I realise that I am a sinner not only in the terrible things that I have been engaged in, but in my very heart, which is overburdened with sin. I now understand what it means in the Bible when it says there is no one that is good and that all man wants to do are bad things all the time. I see myself in that verse.

Lord, I am so sorry and I just want to repent and turn away from all the evil that I have been engaged in. My heart is broken to realise that the punishment that I deserve was placed on the Lord Jesus, and that He paid the price for my sins. All my sins have been washed away and He has even clothed me with His own goodness and righteousness.

Father God, I know that I am a sinful person and that I deserve nothing but hell separation from You for eternity and yet because of Christ my black soul has been made pure and clean.

Thank You Father. I believe and trust in Christ my Saviour and thank You that Jesus Christ died for us all.


Heavenly Father, i come to you with a broken heart , i come to you because i have nowhere to go. I thought i could do it on my own but i realise i am powerless without YOU. I am nothing without You. Heal my heart , heal my wounds, let not the past determine my future. Help me to find my destiny. Lead my way, be not far from me. Let me feel your presence every second,every minute ,every hour, everyday of my life. teach me to be patient, to be humble, to be respectful, to love, to be thankful, to forgive myself & those who have wronged me. And those that i have wronged to forgive me. Teach me to trust in YOU. Heavenly Father protect my kids everywehre they go, be with them. Help them to be good kids, who know & worship You. Heavenly Father im nothing without YOU. Be not far from me Lord. Amen

Heavenly Father, there is a pain implanted in my heart that doesn't seem to go away. It has crushed me, it aches, I can no longer bear it. This pain of the past consumes my thoughts daily. It hurts so much, Father, these tears that fall long to see joy once again. Give me peace in my heart, please, I'm crying out to You: hear my prayer.

Dear Jesus, I come to You now with a broken heart and a weary spirit. I don't know how I can carry on each day knowing that a part of me had already gone, never ever to return. Can I ever be complete again? Can I ever smile again at the coming of a new day?
Day after day I miss him more and more. Day after day my longing grows but it can never be fulfilled. How can I possibly live my life again? How do I overcome this feeling that I am now all alone and I shall always be alone for the rest of my life?
How do I let go? The places we've been to, the celebrations we had together, they will never be the same. The emptiness in my heart is so big I can no longer breathe sometimes.
Help me, O God! The pain of separation seems more painful to me than death itself. I don't know how much longer I can carry on. Help me carry on this day, Lord. Help me to let go, I pray. Though I may not forget, help me to remember how You have always carried me through. Though the pain may not yet go away, assist me in carrying this cross with hope in my heart.
Let me not forget the people who love me and assist me in this hour of need. May I find strength in them, consolation in the generosity of their hearts. And whenever I'm afraid, let there always be a hand to hold on to, a smile to brighten up my path.
Send down Your angels, Lord and may I recognize Your hand upon Your every gift and blessing. Give me something to do that I may not feel useless, yet teach me also to rest knowing all will be well after the long dark night.
You are my Rock and my Provider, Savior and Defender, Friend and Lover who will never ever let me down. You will lead me through this day. You will fill my every hour with peace, my every moment with thoughts of Your love.
I cannot bear the burdens of tomorrow but I will offer You all that I have today. Today is Yours, O God. This moment is Yours. Embrace me and take my hand. I am in Your heart. I am safe. I am loved.

Dear Lord, how could he have done this to me? How could he forget his promises? How could he throw away in a moment all the things we have built all these years? How could he break my heart?
Was it my fault? Was it me, Lord? Tell me where I have gone wrong. For I do not understand how all these things can be happening right now. I do not understand how something so good can suddenly end up the way it is today.
We were so happy, Lord. We were so in love we have not a care in the world. It was just him and me, the two of us, and it was enough, probably more than enough. I thought he was Your gift to me, and I to him. We complement each other, we share so many things in common, it is to him that I opened up my heart. It is he, Lord, whom I trusted with all my heart.
How then can he break it so? How can he betray our love? How can he suddenly say he doesn't love me anymore?
It seemed not so long ago when we would simply walk hand in hand along the beach, when we would share a slice of pizza and be satisfied just the same, when we would gaze at the evening sky and count the stars, content of what we had, certain that it would last forever like the millions of stars in the sky.
I believed in forever. Now I don't know anymore. I know nothing anymore. Can love be lost in an instant? Can true love really just fade away? I am so broken deep within me, Lord, I do not know if I can still piece together every shattered part of me.
My friends say that it will heal in time. They say I should busy myself with this and that, date with this guy and that guy.
But I don't know, Lord. Are these the things that can make me believe in love once again? Are these the things that can relieve this pain I feel in my heart?
I am not only hurting, Lord. I feel so angry that I couldn't do anything to avenge myself for this kind of suffering I do not deserve. Do I not deserve true love, Lord? Do I not deserve loyalty, sincerity and respect?
He makes me feel so bad, Lord. He makes me feel so bad about myself. I built my whole world around him, and he took it all away. I built my self esteem upon his admiration, and he trampled upon it as though it were trash.
How can he not feel guilty for what he has done? How can he suddenly be so happy now in the arms of another woman? How can I ever build my world again? How can I ever be happy once more?
Please help me Lord, I really don't know what to do. Only Your words can comfort me. Only Your embrace can soothe my pain.
I have given everything I could, my Lord, and there is nothing more I can give. I kneel before You now, crushed and broken, empty and afraid to be alone. Hide me under Your wings, hold me in Your loving arms. Say unto me again how much You love me. Say unto me that You have called me Yours and You will never ever let me go.
Though men may fail, You remain faithful, steadfast and immovable as a rock. Though men may judge me for all the faults they see in me, You see my heart and reveal to me the beautiful soul You see in me.
Help me to let go of my pain, teach me to forgive those who do not even ask my forgiveness. This burden is something I shouldn't carry in my heart. This trouble is not something I should trade away my peace for.
I know that I have been done wrong, the things that have happened had been so unfair. Sometimes life's like that. Many things in this life really seem so unfair. But let me not continue being unfair to myself. Let me not punish myself anymore for the things others have done.
I offer unto You my wounded heart, my broken heart. I know it is You, my Lord, who will uphold me in the end.
Let me not lose hope. Let me not cast away everything that's good and beautiful in this life. I know that there is so much more in store for me. I know how much love I can still give away because You will fill me with everything that I'll ever need.
You are the one who loves me truly, eternally, unconditionally. You are the one who has always been there for me and always will be there for me. You are my one true love. You are my forever. You are my strength and my peace and my joy. Surely in Your presence Lord, I do not need anything more.