Prayer For Bringing Back A Lover

I know the things in my life I have to fix for MYSELF, but I can't help but feel much love for him in my heart. I thought long and hard. Am I sad because I'm back to square one, or is it because I lost him.

Yes, I'm sad he's gone, but I do feel in my heart he was the one I was suppose to share my life with. I haven't been doing my best in praying lately, but I will start that again. I ask that our Heavenly Father sees my prayer, and blesses me with him back in my life someday.

God knows my heart is filled with joy with him around. Bless me to fix my issues and if I get that prayer request granted, and he comes back to me, I can be better than I ever was.

I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Although it was only a few months, Lord you brought the man I needed into my life. He knew you word, his heart is loving, and he loved me in a way I never knew was possible. But he unexpectedly had a change of feelings. Feelings he didn't want. And now it's over. Lord please hear me when I say I know he was guiding me to you. He is the one. I know it and feel it in my soul. Please Lord bring him back to me. Heal his heart of any doubts or confusion. Heal this pain in my heart from his absence. I am tired Lord of praying for healing from love. I am tired Lord of suffering. With You and him on this journey I know I can continue. But without him I am falling apart. Please forgive me of my sins and doubt in you Lord. Bring my love back to me so that we have a love and life with You above all else. Amen.

Please bring back my best friend the one that made me smile.Who I couldn't wait to see and be with no matter what we did together,I loved every moment of our time together! I was petty at times and I spoke when I should have listened,I know now what I did was wrong I ask for forgiveness from you and also her,my love! Please don't let a fight that got out of hand with words that never should have been spoken destroy our friendship and relationship with each other! I love her and this has been a difficult separation but I understand we needed space but please don't make it permanent! I'm ready to forgive and move on with each other! Please St.Jude and hear my prayers and I thank you for guiding her(Michelle) to me one night and the time we have spent together,please give us more time and happiness and love together again! Thank you! Amen

Please St Jude bring my love back to me I love him and I know he loves me. Please help him to find forgiveness towards me and being him back to me I don't how I can live without him in my life please hear and answer my prayers.

I have known Terry for years. In April, night before my birthday we ran into each other. It was great. We had so much fun hanging out. Well his ex found out and begged him to come back, sadly he did. She dumped him a week later. We started hanging out again. Same thing happened. This has happened 3x now. We have so much fun together. I was in an abusive relationship and Terry was the answer to my prayers. Im hoping and praying he will see the light and give us a chance. Please hear my prayers

Lord please hear my prayers to touch Gerald's heart and bring him to me.Guide him on a true and honest path to follow you Lord and have Gerald's be faithful to me. Jesus grant me this miracle prayer. Lord encircle our love with Your protection and strengthen our lives by your precious Sacred Heart. Thank you Jesus. Barbara.

Dear St. Jude,

Please return my love to me. This person was the answer to years of prayer for a loving partner to join my life. I always cherished the gift of this person and his love. I knew it was you, St. Jude who meant for us to be together by putting us in each others path over and over until we finally understood.

Please don't let the difficult and painful circumstances that have just separated us be permanent. I had been praying faithfully and with devotion for all barriers between our being together to be removed. I am trying so hard to trust that these unexpected circumstances now parting us are a part of that process and not an end. I am just scared and hurt.

Please hear my prayers, St. Jude. Please don't forget about me. Please help me. I am broken hearted and barely hanging on through the pain . I need your miraculous intercession, Blessed St. Jude. Please hear my prayers.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before you today on behalf of marriages that are broken and those that are wounded and hurt.

A marriage is never beyond repair. There is always hope for those who put their trust in You, and so we stand in the gap for these couples, Lord, asking that you would restore the love between them. Tear down walls where they've been built, and heal each broken heart.

We ask that You would grant understanding and wisdom to those who are going through tough times. Teach them how to forgive, and how to rebuild what they've lost.

In the name of Jesus we pray.