Prayer For Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

Heavenly Father, I reject anyone that has brought evil in my life. I cut off the evil soul tie that formed between that person and me. I declare restoration on portions of my life that have been broken and crushed, in the name of Jesus. Heal my heart and help me to choose the right kind of relationships from this point on. Lord, give me the strength to always turn to you for guidance about relationships before I allow someone into my personal life. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Heavenly Father, you created us for a relationship. Lord, I meet and interact with different people each day, but not all of them have their hearts in the right place. Some people are agents of the enemy that is why I come to you, Father, asking you to help me discern godly souls from ungodly ones. Lord, I break evil soul ties with agents of the enemy that I have interacted with unknowingly. I renounce every covenant and agreement that I have made with these people, in the name of Jesus. I purify myself with the blood of Jesus and declare that I am completely free. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Lord, I do not want for _________________ to have control over me and I don't want to have control
over __________________. Forgive me for the sin of entangling myself with __________________in an
ungodly way. Lord, I confess these ungodly ties as sin and ask that you forgive me and cleanse me of all
In the power and authority of Jesus Christ, I break the ungodly soul tie between me and _____________.
I surrender my heart, soul and spirit completely to Jesus Christ and His rule, authority and reign in my
life. I put the Cross of Jesus Christ between me and ____________________.
Lord, I ask you to heal my heart of the effects this soul tie has had on my heart, mind, body, spirit and
life. Restore my soul and my union completely with you. Make me whole and restore everything that the
enemy stole from me. Free me to love you with my whole heart and love others with a Christ-like love.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.

God, thank you for being the King over the spiritual realm and the King of my heart. Thank you that you
are all-knowing and you know any soul ties in my life that need to be broken.
Ask God to show you anyone you have a soul tie with that needs to be broken. Focus your prayer on one
person at a time. You can pray for other soul ties with people to be broken at another time with God.
God, please forgive me for any of the ways that I opened the door for ungodly soul ties to be formed
with _______________ (name of person). God, show we what sins I have not confessed regarding my
relationship with this person.
Ask God to forgive you for each sin He reveals to you.
God, show me what I need to forgive ____________________ of so that I can be healed and free of the
pain they caused me to experience. Remember, forgiving others is through the power of Christ within
you. Ask Jesus to give you His strength and grace to forgive.
God, I forgive _________________ for _____________________(fill in the blank with whatever God
shows you that you need to forgive.

Father God, Thank you for saving me from destruction. I praise you for sending Jesus to die for my sins. Specifically, I confess that I have sinned in the following ways: ______________(details of the sin & names). I repent from those sins and renounce them now. Please forgive me and cleanse my conscience with the blood of Jesus. Lord, please cut the unhealthy soul ties between me and _______ (list name (s)). Please restore me to wholeness in spirit, soul and body and reintegrate any part of me that was involved with those soul ties. I also ask for the salvation and restoration of those people that I was involved with. I commit him/her/them to your care. I rebuke any evil spirits that may have gained a foothold in me from that sin. I command you to leave me and go to Jesus Christ now! Thank you, Lord, for setting me free to live as the new person in Christ you made me to be! I praise you now and forever, Amen!

Father God, I thank you for saving me from destruction. I praise you for sending Jesus to die for my sins. Please forgive me for my sins against you. Specifically, I confess that I ______________(details of the sin & names). I repent of that sin and renounce it now. Lord, please purify my heart from this sin, the memory of it and any associated fantasy I have entertained in my mind regarding it. In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of his blood shed on the cross, I cut myself free from any soul ties that may have been established with _______ (name (s) or specific objects). I commit him/her/them to the care of Jesus Christ for him to do with as he wills. Satan, I rebuke you in all your works and ways. I rebuke any evil spirits that have a foothold in me. In the name of Jesus, I command you evil spirits to leave me and go directly to Jesus Christ. Father, please heal my soul of any wounds resulting from these soul ties. Please reintegrate any part of me that may have been detained through this/these soul ties and restore me to wholeness. I also ask that you will reintegrate any part of the person(s) I sinned with that has been detained in me, and restore them to wholeness. Thank you, Lord, for your healing power and your perfect love for me. May I glorify you with my life from this point forward. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Lord, you've given me the authority to trample over snakes and scorpions, and you promise that nothing will hurt me. I stand firm in that authority and declare that I am free from any ungodly soul ties, in Jesus' name. Any evil spirit that has taken advantage of ungodly soul ties in my life to torment, and reinforces the curses in my life are defeated, in Jesus' name. Lord, help me to walk in holiness henceforth. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Father, you sent your only son to die on the cross for me that I may live in total freedom. Today, I stand firm in your word and declare that I am free from any ungodly soul ties. Lord, I break free from any curses in my life imposed by the enemy because of theses evil soul ties in Jesus' name. I choose to walk in freedom and the purposes of God over my life. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray, Amen.