Prayer For Bikers

Loving Father, you say it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Lord, as I start this day, I choose to put my confidence in you and not man, or myself for that matter. Father, spread your wings of love towards us so that we can operate from a place of overflow and be able to show others that we interact with on the road the self-sacrificing love that Jesus showed unto us when he died on the cross. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.

Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for the beautiful gift of life. Thank you for the good health and strength that you've given to me and other motorcycle riders all over the world. As I prepare to ride to my destination, Lord, I ask you to shield me from any harm. Thank you for other motorists on the road. Father, be their guide wherever they are going. Keep us all safe from danger and help us reach our destinations safely. Father, we thank you and we glorify your holy name. In Jesus' name, we believe and pray, Amen.

Father God, thank you for your love towards us motorcycle riders. Thank you for enabling us to afford this means of transportation. There so many motorcycle riders that have ended up dead because of fatal accidents. May your presence be with us during all of our miles. Remove anything that may distract us and help us to be laser-focused when riding. As we travel and see the scenery of your great creations on this earth, let them be a reminder that you are with us always. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Lord Jesus, without you, we can do nothing. You are our defender and deliverer, the one who fights all our battles and shields us from every death trap that the enemy has set before us. Lord, we ask you to cover us under your wings so that we can find refuge as we ride our motorcycles to our various destinations. Be with us always and protect us from careless drivers who may put us in great danger. In Jesus' name, we believe and pray, Amen.

60 miles an hour with the wind in my face
hands up on the grips and my feet up on the pegs
going down the road for a ride somewhere
before I get too far, I say a biker's prayer

won't you watch over me while i'm riding today
send me down an angel to keep me steady on my way
cause you know that i'm not perfect
i'm in need of some salvation
in the meantime let me ride in peace
through this beautiful creation

my women sits behind me, high up in her queen's chair
one arm around my waist, one hand groin through my hair
the peaceful countryside is filling up our senses
and the rhythm of the ride it makes my soul break through the fences

For me it's not about the chrome, the leather, or the steel
It's all about connection to something beautiful and real
when you're balanced on two wheels ridin gentle sounds of thunder
rollin past the fields in this spell that i'm under

won't you watch

casue i've gone down so many roads where I never should have gone
aned i've done so many things that I never should have done
but every mile that i've ridden. i'd ride'em all again
cause I live to ride and ride to live at peace with what I am

Dear Lord, as I get ready to get on this hog and prepare to ride,
Just let me feel your presence with me riding side by side.
Let us feel the wind together blowing across our face,
Don't let me fail to see and smell the nature around me as I ride from
place to place.
Dear Lord, keep me safe from harm and let the other drivers see me as I ride by,
And every once in awhile even though I'm a biker let them say, "Hi".
Keep me alert and always watching for others,
Don't let me ever fail to stop and help out one of my sisters or brothers.

And when my time on earth is up and it's time for me to take that ride in the sky,
Just give me a chance to tell everyone I love them and don't forget me when I die.
Lord, Thank You for letting me be a biker and doing what I loved the best,
For the many miles I traveled, places I got to go and see before I finally came to rest.

May the Angels of my brothers and sisters
who have gone before me guard my travels,
for they know the perils of the road ahead of me.
Keep me safe through the rough city streets
on my way to the land of swirling turns and rolling hills.

Let the turning colors of fall keep me warm.
Let the Eagle guide me to the mountain tops.
Let the moons light guide me through the night.

May my tires not fail me, nor my engine grow old,
may my bike draw life from the streams I pass.

Keep my seat soft and my mind sharp.
Let the air of spring breath life into my soul,
to journey into another adventure
alongside my brothers and sisters.

I pray for all the groups and clubs,
I pray for the sport that all of us love.
No matter what style no matter what race,
Your soul has no color, your soul has no face.
We started out afraid to lean right or left,
And now we use speeds that could bring us death.
So turn back the throttle it might save your life,
You may have a husband, you may have a wife.
Think of your family and what they will miss,
Your touch and your smile, the warmth of your kiss.
Think of your loved ones when you turn the key,
God Bless all the bikers and also
God Bless Me..