Prayer For Better Future

Heavenly Father in Jesus name i pray. I know this is a test , and i am very much ready to be your humble servant. To show you i am worthy and faithful to you, please guide me to provide a better life and enviorment for my daughter . We need happiness and hope .

I believe my mentality is on to a better path . But im so depressed i feel so stuck and obligated to the life i live now . To make other people happy . I honestly dont know how much more i can take. From my deepest thoughts and emotions , please give me a breakthrough for the better. So i can recover from this dark chapter of my life .

I am being treated unfairly by my mother who mentally abused & controlled me since i was a child . I need to leave her house for the better of our relationship. Except i have nowhere else to go. Im afraid if i stay any longer i will be damaged for life , and will have a hard time forgiving her in the end . There is sombody i am deeply in love with but it is a forbidden love i think we are meant for eachother .

I promise my intentions are not evil or sinful when it comes to this love i have. I dont want anybody to get hurt. So i pray that he comes along naturally from you as a blessing . Forever faithful in your name i pray Amen.

Dear God I pray to you for help in my search for employemnt and happiness.

Please help me find a path that will provide me a future that is full of love and happiness and also one that is financially stable, so I may take care of the ones I love.

I pray to you that I may be forgiven for all the wrongs I have done in the past and pray that you can provide me the light to see what I need to do to correct my mistakes.

I stand before you a humble man, who is just going through the motions of everyday life, with no clue as to when things will get better.

I know that any path you guide me to will be the right one, I just ask that you help me see what direction I need to take to fufill your wishes.

Please God forgive me for all my sins and bless me with the knowledge and ability to make a difference.

Please help anyone else who is desperate and looking for help as I am.

I love you,

Lord, thank You for bringing me into Your family and that I have been taught Who You are. Thank You, that You sought me out and saved me. Thank You, that Your banner over me is love and thank You for all the many blessings and opportunities that You have provided for me in my life so far.

Be with me Lord, as I face an unknown future. Teach me more of Yourself and give me an opportunity in my life to serve You, in whatever place or work You call me.

Lead me and guide me into all truth I pray, and as I face all my tomorrows Lord, I want to ask that You would show me more of Yourself. I pray that I may know more of You, that I may know Christ. This was the prayer that Paul the apostle prayed at the end of his life and Lord, I want to pray this at the start of my life as well.

Give me a teachable spirit and as the future opens up for me, keep me from the ways of the world, but help me to cling ever closer to You. In Jesus' name,


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for all that You have provided for me in a time when the future looks so bleak. Let me never forget that my citizenship is in heaven and that no matter what happens in my life, while I remain on earth You are in control, and You have promised to care for all Your children.

Help me to live my life in a manner that is pleasing to You in this ever changing world, and help me not to put my hope and trust in the leaders of this world nor the things of this world that are passing away, but may I always remember that my hope is built on nothing less that Jesus and His righteousness. For this I praise and thank You Lord.

Thank You, Father, that You know the end from the beginning, and that You are truly in control of all that happens. Not only in our lives but in every corner of the world. Guide, protect and supply for the needs of all Your children and thank You Father that we do know that our future is secure in You, no matter what may take place in the world. Praise Your name, and thank You for Your loving kindness.


Dear Heavenly Father, today I come to Your throne of grace to pray for the next generation of young people. Protect those who know You as their Saviour from being negatively influenced by the unbiblical worldview that is flooding our schools and colleges today, and also for those young people that have not yet trusted You as their Saviour, or who have become disillusioned with their life, and without hope in the world.

Father, skepticism and relativism seems to be flooding the into the educating system and causing many young people to become confused about their faith and to walk away from what they once held dear. I pray You would stem the flood of secular humanism and the various ungodly philosophies that are sweeping through the nation, and reveal Yourself to a generation that has strayed so far from the truth of Your Word.

I am sorry Lord, that as individuals and as a nation we have strayed so far from Your precepts and have allowed a generation to be born that has little knowledge or understanding about Your glorious plan of salvation and the glorious gospel of grace. In Your mercy, move in this next generation and halt the cultural tide that has undermined our roots, and caused us to become disconnected from You the only source of life and light. I pray You would move this generation to turn back to the God who created them and sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins. In Jesus' name,


Lord, I just want to lay my life and my future career at Your feet and ask that Your grace and favour would rest upon me, as I earnestly seek Your guidance, praying that You would establish the work of my hand and lead me in the direction that You would have me to go.

Direct me I pray, into the career path that You have chosen for me, for I desire to be in the center of Your will and I pray that You would open the right doors through which You would have me go, and keep those places that You would not have to go, firmly closed

Lord, I ask that You would give me godly insight and wisdom in these important career choices that I need to make. Lead me along the way that You have prepared for me, for I know that You have scheduled every day of my life and I do want to follow that path that You have planned for me, and not deviate from it. I pray that You would also equip me with the skills and qualifications that are needed. May my life and my career be used to Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus' name,


Lord, I had such dreams of the future when I was a little younger, and had made such wonderful plans for my life and my family, but now Lord with the economic crises and all that is going on around our world today, which seems to want to smash down what is left of the Judeo Christian standards, the future looks so very bleak.

But I thank You for the reminder that You have given me from my pastor and what I have learned from my own Bible studies, that this world is not our home, but just a place and that we are simply passing through on our way to our heavenly residence, which You have prepared for us in heaven.

What a wonderful future You have planned for all Your children. As the days get darker and the world seems to become more evil, I am realising that You are using this to cause Your children to break free from the hold that this world has on so many of us.

Lord, thank You for reminding me that I am not to become too comfortable in this world, but to prepare my heart for the time that we will be with You in heaven. Keep my family and me in this increasingly bleak economic world, and provide for all our needs while we are here. I pray that You would bring us home soon to our glorious heavenly home, where we will be for ever with You. in Jesus' name,


Loving Lord, there is so much happening in my life at the moment. Changes seem to be taking place in every area of my life, friends and neighbours have moved far away, my loved ones have passed on, tensions seems to be surrounding me on every side. But my hope and trust is in You.

As I step out into the future, in the face of all the changes and challenges that are taking place all around me, I pray that You will continue to be with me to lead and to guide, to help and to protect, to comfort and support. Lord, I cling to You for You are the Rock of my Salvation, my Defence and my Defender.

Thank You, Lord, that in this world of flux and change, You are the same yesterday, today and for ever. Thank You, that You are with me in all the changing scenes and situations of my life and thank You that You are coming back soon, to take all who trust in Your name to be with You forever. I cling to You Lord, for my hope and my future is in You alone. In Jesus' name I pray,