Prayer For Belgium

Lord God you will build your church. Please use us as you see fit we are yours.

We confess Lord that you alone can change hearts and we trust you will begin with ours.

Father God we wait in expectation of your deliverance for Belgium.

Jesus you are Holy and righteous and the source of all that is good.

Fill our cup Lord, fill it to over flowing, For in you are the springs of eternal life.

Lord God, please raise up more Belgian Christian leaders.

Father, we ask that You give the people of Belgium a vision for what You want to do there.

Lord, please fund the work of Youth Church the Revolution and its leaders, Tim and Karlien.

Savior and Lord, please rescue the marriages of Belgium and make your people an example of grace.

Heavenly Father, give Your people in Belgium a hunger and a thirst for Your Word. Make the Bible come alive for each believer.

We ask, God, that Christians in Belgium would be examples of righteous and upright living and would strive to pay taxes honestly and not to work in zwart.

Please, Jesus, help Belgian Christians be quick to forgive others and not to hold grudges.

Lord of the Harvest, please raise up many Belgians and others who will labor in the spiritual harvest of Belgium. Strengthen and supply the BEM and other missionaries.

Thank you Father for the work of Ralph and Edith Norton during WW1 in establishing the Belgian Evangelical Mission. Thank you for 100 years of missions work through the BEM.

We are grateful, God, for the work of church planters like Richard Haverkamp and Johan Lukasse.

Father in Heaven, thank you for the much larger number of youth and volunteers that went to OM's Teenstreet from Belgium.

Lord thank you for Youth Church the Revolution and the encouragement it is to youth in Belgium.

We appreciate the SportQuest ministry in Belgium and the fruit for your kingdom that it is bearing.

We are sorry, Father, for allowing America to export a vile and damaging cultural example through the entertainment industry.

Dear God, forgive us for only running to the rescue of Belgium in the times of war but not in the steady and devastating spiritual decline.

We are sorry, Lord, that have not been concerned for the desperate spiritual poverty of Europe and Belgium specifically.

Please forgive us, Father, for not sending missionaries to share the gospel with Belgians.

We confess we have wilfully confused economic wealth with spiritual health.

Lord, we admit that we have been more impressed by history, scenery and architecture than the true health of the church.

Oh God, our forefathers fled the persecution of faith in Europe and have not considered the spiritual needs of the lands they left behind, thinking only of themselves.

God the Father had planned for the salvation of the people of Belgium.

Jesus died for the people of Belgium.

The Holy Spirit is given for the comfort of the church in Belgium.

The Bible reveals Jesus to the spiritually hungry of Belgium.

God is able and willing to bring revival to His church in Belgium.

God answers prayer and will bless those who pray according to His will.

We will grow in the knowledge of God's grace and truth as we serve one another through prayer.

Lord, thank you for your work in Belgium. We ask that you would encourage and strengthen the Belgian church. May the Belgian church grow and become more Christ-like and capture the vision of missions. Please raise up many missionaries from Belgium to bless peoples in other parts of the world.