Prayer For Bad Marriage

Dear most caring, loving and understanding God, You are already aware of all my marriage problems, worries and pain I am about to take to You in prayer right at this blessed moment. Father God, I have tried my best and have done all that I could possibly do to try to resolve all the issues that have led to this present status of my marriage.

At this point, there is nothing else I can do, so I surrender everything to You! I sincerely plead for your divine intervention! Please take matters in your hands, and do what You have to do to fix my marriage.

Forgive me for the things I have done or unconsciously done that have contributed to this present state of my marriage. If there is anything I should have done at any point and have not done, or should have been doing and haven't been doing, God please forgive me.

Father I know that I am far from being perfect, for this reason, I must admit that I am not blameless. Talk to me, show me what I have to do. Give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I need to play my part, day by day.

Touch the heart of my partner, and open up his/her eyes dear Lord. Talk to him/her in a special way so that he/she may obey and be willing to meet me halfway. You know what exactly have changed the once loving, caring and understanding person I have initially married.

The person I stood beside in your Sanctuary in holy matrimony and make my vows to remain with for richer or poorer, and through sickness. The person I have pledged to remain with until death.

Father God, I believe in You and so I trust in You to take care of all my marriage problems. There is no favor too big to ask of You. I know that all I have to do when I pray, is to surrender everything to You and just have the faith to believe You are going to help me save my marriage. I know it has to be done your way and at a time chosen only by You -- so choose your own time and have it your own way great, merciful Jesus. Thank You God. Amen!

God, I know that You are good, even though I can't see the good right now. I know that You love me, even though I don't feel You right now. God, please come closer to me. Fill me with Your Spirit. Rid my heart of the anger and hurt I have towards my spouse. Surround me with comfort, strength, and wisdom. Pour Your love into me, into my spouse, and into my marriage. Help me to wait. Be with me in the waiting.

Dear Lord, I thank You for my marriage, despite the fact that it is not easy right now. But in all things, I give You thanks for bringing us together! Father, I pray that through Your love, my partner and I will feel like one flesh again instead of two divided individuals. Lord, You joined us together through Your love, therefore I declare that nothing or no one can separate us, Amen.

Dear Lord, Your Word says that I should count it a joy when I fall into various trials. My marriage is hard right now, but I pray for inner strength to complete the trial so that when my endurance is fully developed, I will be perfect and complete. We know that this is a testing of our faith which produces patience. I declare this rough patch as a temporary period to help us be a better person for each other, Amen.

Dear Father, I pray that You help me do all things out of love. Help me to not repay evil for evil or retaliate with insults if I feel insulted by the actions of my wife. Instead I pray that I bless my partner and declare only good things over her life because You have intended for us to be one. So, Father, I pray against any ill thoughts I have towards my wife, in Jesus' Name. Thank You for my partner and thank You for my marriage, Amen.

Dear Lord, I pray that as a husband I honor my wife. I pray that You help me understand her and treat her correctly as we live together. Lord I also pray that although she may be physically weaker, help me see that she is my equal partner in Your gift of new life. Father help me treat my wife as I should, Amen.

Dear Lord, I pray that as a wife I remain submissive to my husband, not because of inferiority but out of respect. Help me acknowledge my husband's responsibilities and accountability to You so that I can encourage him to be guided by You. I pray that my husband will obey You because of my conduct as his wife. I pray that You strengthen my heart to support and comfort my husband and to love him unconditionally, Amen.

Most Righteous Father, I pray that my marriage be honorable in all ways. I declare that my marriage bed remains undefiled and that we will both steer clear of sexual immortality and adultery. These dangerous acts have no place in my marriage, so I pray against them in Jesus' Name. Let our minds be realigned and focused on the will You have for this marriage. This is the prayer of our hearts, Amen.