Prayer For Baby First Birthday

My darling boy, I pray that everyday of your life shall be as carefree, funfilled and joyous as your first one year. Happy birthday, sweetie.

My precious jewel of immeasurable value, it shall be well with you in Jesus name. As you clock a year today, you shall live to celebrate a century in God's peace, prosperity, happiness and sound health. Your expectations shall not be cut off. The plans of the wicked will not prevail against you. In the mighty name of Jesus, you shall fulfill God's purpose in your generation. Happy birthday, pumpkin.

Dearest son, it's been exactly a year since our lives have been wonderfully spiced with your special presence. You are a special gift from God, may you increase in flavour, honour and grace all the days of your life. May you grow to be an exceptional young man; you shall excel more than your parents in Jesus name.

O Lord, I celebrate you for your faithfulness. Without you, today's celebration would have been impossible. Thank you for preserving my son's life from the terrible hands of sickness. Thank you for the awesome experiences of crawling, standing, walking and teething. Thank you for seeing him through the terrible moments, maladies and sleepless nights associated with teething. The glory of today's joyous occasion is totally yours. I commit my Prince into your hands: I pray he'll grow in wisdom, knowledge and favour before men and angels. Dearest son, you shall fulfill the purpose of God for your generation in Jesus name. May God bless you with peace and joy all your life in Jesus name.

Darling son, may God bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. May He be with you every step of the way in every season of your life, in Jesus name. I surround your destiny with walls of fire and angels, no evil shall befall you, neither will your enemies penetrate you in Jesus name. The righteousness of God will rule your life, and His peace shall govern your heart. Your life will not be cut short in Jesus name. You shall be a pacesetter, a joy of eternal glory. Son, your life shall be pleasing unto the Lord and your parents. In Jesus awesome name I pray. Amen.

Dear Father, I thank you so much for this precious gift. Indeed, I'm eternally grateful to you. I lift my son unto you, bless him, Lord. He's a year old today; let him grow up in your presence, in your image, conformed to your will. I hide his life with Christ in you, in Jesus' name. Son, your life will not be cut short. You shall not live out your years in sickness, sorrow or trouble. You shall grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You shall be wiser than your teachers. Darling son, your generation shall praise and worship the Lord because of you in Jesus mighty name.

O God, our Father in Heaven, Holy is Your Name. Today is a very special day for our family as we celebrate Ethan's 1st birthday, 1st born of Alvin and Joyce.

Thank You Dear Lord for bringing up Ethan safely through out the trying days up to now. Ethan is now one year old today. Guide and protect him safely from all the dangers of growing up as a child into maturity of manhood and grant that he may play well his part in this world as a role model. Let us all help him always so that he knows Jesus is his spiritual Mentor and Virgin Mother Mary as his spiritual Best Friend.

Bless both Alvin and Joyce for giving them this great privilege to raise Ethan. Help them to be true to their great responsibility and also to all those who are jointly associate to Ethan's upbringing with tender care and love.

Let us also always remember how Jesus says: "Whoever receive one such child in my Name receive me". We are happy to receive Jesus in this child, Ethan. We want to love and serve Jesus in this child, Ethan.

Thank you again our Father in Heaven, for giving us this privilege that we are able to celebrate Ethan's First Birthday. Please help us always to ensure that whatever we do and say are always good so that this little soul may copy our good deeds and that he may never be led astray in his life as he grows up.

All these we ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Redeemer. Amen.

Dearest Lord,
You are my dearest. Before I even speak about my beloved child, I want to acknowledge You. My Creator, Savior, and Sustainer I owe all I am and all I have to you.
I confess that there have been many times this year when my mind and time has been so full of caring for my child that my time with You has taken a backseat. In those moments and days I felt a mix of guilt and grace.
I felt guilt because I know that my relationship with You is what matters most in the world. But I have been an overwhelmed and tired mama with an expansively needy baby, and I know You are patient. Thank you for waiting for me.

As she now has a semblance of a routine and I am a more experienced mother, I pray that you can help me be attentive to her but also never fail to come to You in prayer and Scripture and quietness. You are what makes me whole.
As I reflect on my child's first year her only year of babyhood that has quickly slipped by I am grateful for each week.
Thank you for her smiles and giggles. Thank you for her hugs and babbles. Thank you for her wonder. Her first steps. Her excitement when she sees me. Our special times of nursing in dark rooms before she drifts to sleep.

Thank you also for her dirty diapers and her wails. Many mothers who have lost children long for those things, and I know none of us is guaranteed another day.
I pray today as I have prayed before:
Please help her come to faith very young
Please help her understand her worth and live in the confidence that Love provides
Please help her be curious about the world
Please keep evil people and evil messages away from her
Please help her learn to share with her brother and be his friend forever
Please grow in her wonderful spiritual gifts and the fruit of the spirit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self control
Please help her do good in the world and live into her calling
Please nurture her future husband in his days, his family, and his faith
Please show her daddy and me how to play our roles in it all
God of all show us how to make each week count. We feel the weight of responsibility to grow her into the shining adult you have destined her to be.
We will do our best, but we are flawed.
I am too often impatient and harsh. I am forgetful and miss opportunities. In the end, we trust You to work through us and in her, regardless.
She is Your child more than she is our child.
Fill her heart with your Holy Spirit. We thank you for our little girl. In Jesus' name. Amen.