Prayer For Baby Boy

We are already blessed with a girl baby which is a most precious gift. Im now wished to have a baby boy to be a most happiest mom to make a complete happy family. Almighty God you know I haven't asked you anything for myself so far but now my only wish is to bless me with a healthy baby boy. I'm now 5 months pregnant and the doctors said my baby is not visible completely. I have been asked to take several scans and my next scan is on 27th of sept'16, I'm really tensed what wud the doctor say about my baby's health conditin. Please god don't punish me by any negative reports. My inner heart says my baby is fine and definitely a boy baby, but nothing is possible without ur gracious power. This is my biggest wish in my life. Bless me a healthy baby boy.
Thank you God.

Lord jesus! I have come in the silence n stillness of your presence to ask for the special blessings from you. I am sorry for all the sins that I have committed. Ever since I came to know the meaning of marriage I always wanted to have a beautiful healthy daughter and a healthy handsome son of my own. By your blessings i have got a healthy beautiful daughter who is 4 and half years old. I am now pregnant with my second baby. I just wish the baby am carrying to be a healthy beautiful baby boy. My daughter says that there is a baby brother in my tummy. I just hope those words are yours . Please lord make my dream come true. Please bless the baby am carrying and please bless me with a very very healthy n successful pregnancy. Praise you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus.

My dear God, I want to thank You for giving me my 2 daughters and now I am pregnant again, me and my husband would like to ask a miracle from You dear God to please let this baby be a baby BOY. We promised to love this Baby BOY as much as the love that we gave to his 2 sisters. Please hear our prayers dear God to complete our joy. Just a very healthy and normal BABY BOY. Me, my husband and my 2 daughters are asking for it and wanted to have a baby BOY in our family, pls.dear God grant our prayers. This all we ask through your son Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. AMEN

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the 2 beautiful daughters and an awesome husband you've given me. I found out I was pregnant again. God, it is our heart desire to have a bouncing baby boy. Please Father, grant us our heart desires. The Chinese gender predictor says it's a girl but I only believe your report which says it's a boy in Jesus Name. Amen.

Dear lord,
With ur grace I hv two little daughters and now this is my third pregnancy. Lord please bless me with sweet son and protect my two little daughters bless them with their sweet brother and complete my family. Please bring happiness in our life.
Make my third pregnancy decision to be positive .

Lord i thank you for my life and that of my family. Thank u for good health and sound mind, i thank u for food, shelter and clothing., all d glory to u lord Jesus. lord i pray that d baby in my womb will b a baby boy bless us wit a baby boy lord. Kip my daughter safe n protect her lord n i ask that you perfect all that concerns my husband n i i pray to a short and safe delivery in Jesus name,i promise to testify to you precious name in Jesus name. Amen!

Dear heavenly father, I just had a miscarriage and I found out it was a boy. I pray in your precious holy name sweet Jesus that you please bless me again with another boy. I thank you Father God for my children and I have now and my husband. God I humble myself before you and ask you to please give me a son and make my body healthy for this next pregnancy and. I pray a miscarriage will not happen again in Jesus Mighty Name I pray. Amen

Dear Lord GOD,

First of all, cleanse my soul from any sin that will surely block me from asking you to grant my prayer. I am humbly asking for your forgiveness for all the things I've committed against your will, Lord.

Lord GOD, I do pray that may my husband and I be blessed with another child, a baby boy, to complete the happiness of our family. My first baby is happy with us but she sometimes can not help to ask why she has no sister or brother. Please, keep me healthy and fit to carry another child in my womb. I pray through the intercession of Mama Mary, in Jesus' name, Amen!!