Prayer For A Soldier And His Family

O Father,

You are always there,
For your love reaches everywhere.
Above the clouds,
Beneath the sea,
I know your hand will cover me.
Through the darkened starry night.
Again at dawn when all is bright.
Upon the heavens, or over bridges,
Deepest valleys, rocky ridges.
You beside me, o so close,
Knowing when I need you most.

Through different lands of war or peace,
Where suffering stirs or riches twist
I choose to walk the path you tread.
And carry your wisdom where I'm led.
To leave your love in every place
I rest my head or dine or wait.
You keep me safe, watch over me.
I choose to put my trust in thee.

May your love encircle our wonderful servicemen and women as they work across the world to create justice and peace for all.
May your hope go before them carrying them through the difficulties and stresses they face. Lord, come by your Spirit and lead them through each complex situation.
May your peace be ever within their lives as they guard and protect the vulnerable and face conflict.
May your wisdom be forever beside them as they walk into complex and dangerous land and seek to bring order and reconciliation.
And may your protection be behind them, covering their weaknesses and their vulnerabilities.

Lord, come keep them safe under the shadow of your Almighty wings.


God, I am excited and a bit anxious at the thought of my spouses' return home. Please help me maintain realistic expectations during the reunification process. As our family reunites, help us to lovingly and patiently work through the natural adjustments that will take place. Thank You for strengthening my spirit and faith during our time of separation. I am now less dependent on my spouse and more dependent on You. Help me to communicate to my spouse that although the separation did strengthen me, I still missed him/her very much and need him/her to be an active part our family. Please give me the words to reassure my spouse that the family is not the same without him/her.

Just as I can see the change in me, let me also recognize the changes in my spouse. I understand that my spouse's experiences may have significantly affected him/her. For those experiences that cause my spouse mental pain and stress, I ask that You give him/her the wisdom and desire to talk to someone who can help him/her work through those intense feelings. Do not let me add to his/her stress by overwhelming my spouse with too much too soon. Give me Your wisdom when it comes to reuniting my spouse with other family members who may not be as sensitive or even comprehend what he/she has experienced. Give us Your wisdom when it comes to managing the resources that You have provided us. Help us to wisely celebrate our reunification without spending all the money that we have saved up during this deployment.

Help my spouse and me to take our time when it comes to intimate relations so that we truly enjoy each other's touch. If courtship is required, then show me how to court spouse with love and romance. Let us speak openly and honestly with each other. Help us to truly listen and comprehend what the other is saying. Season our speech with salt so that we speak calmly and softly when disagreements arise. Remind us not to react defensively to what we hear but help us to respond with love and respect to what the other person is feeling and saying. Due to our long separation, help us to be sensitive to the fact that we may need breathing room from time to time.

Lead me and guide me as to the best way to prepare our children for their father's/mother's return. Help them deal with the emotions that they are experiencing regarding his/her return. Do not let our kids respond to their father/mother as if he/she is a stranger. Instead, let them recognize him/her as the father/mother who truly loves and cares for them. Help me not compete with my children for my spouse's attention. Let our children receive all the love and attention they need from him/her.

In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen

Father, I know I still care deeply for my husband and our relationship, but lately it seems like we're growing further apart and that worries me. I wonder if the physical separation for extended periods is starting to take its toll on our marriage. Lately, our conversations have become increasingly harsh and hurtful. It seems like our hearts are becoming so cold and hard. Sometimes I do not recognize my husband as the main I married.

God, please forgive me for seeking revenge and doing things to purposely hurt and punish my husband because he has hurt me. Forgive me for the part that I played in placing undue strain on our marriage. Forgive me for the things I did that were inconsistent with Your Word and the standards that You set for marriage. I thought by doing those things my life would be better and I would feel better about myself. I was wrong.

Lord, please restore my marriage completely. I know it will take time, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to reconcile and to restore my relationship with my husband. Divorce is not an option. Show me what I need to do to get his attention focused on our relationship and on me so that he will at least entertain the idea of restoration and reconciliation. As we start the reconciliation process, facilitate the softening of our hearts by causing us to reflect on the good times in our relationship. Help us to forgive each other for the hurtful things we said and did to each other just as You continually forgive us. Open the doors of communication so that we can talk openly, honestly, and with fear of retaliation. Help my continually speak kindly and reverently to him. Season my speech with salt. You command me to respect my husband. Help me to show him the utmost respect whether I think he deserves it or not. Open my eyes and allow me to continually see my husband as the God-appointed spiritual head over our family.

Father, remove all negative thoughts and conversations concerning our relationship. Remind us that we are to lift each other up not tear each other down. Allow Your peace and joy to reign in our marriage from now on. Continually strengthen our marriage so that it is closer, stronger, and more intimate than ever before. Restore our relationship with love, respect, compassion, mercy, righteousness, and faithfulness. Help us remain committed to each other from this day forward regardless of circumstances. Help us to love each other as You have loved us.

In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen

Dear Father, I come before you now on behalf of ________, my much loved family member performing his/her patriotic duty aboard. Watch over, protect, care for, and bring our hero/heroine home safely to our family.

I surround him/her from top to bottom, side to side, and inside out with faith, love wisdom, favor, and protection. I ask that the Holy Spirit go ahead of him/her making pathways straight and safe. I call upon angels to tend to the lest a soldier even dash his/her foot against a stone.

Father, we trust You to lead, guide, and return him/her safe and sound to our borders and our home.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear Father, I pray that secret things will be revealed and that the intentions of the wicked against our nation will be thwarted. May knowledge of terrorist acts become known to those who provide our national and international security.

May our leaders act swiftly to avert all danger. Give our protectors the strength, courage, and urgency to act in order to prevent terrorist acts against our nation, and give them the defenses to apprehend and punish all offenders.

In Jesus' name. Amen

Dear Lord,

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the men and women who serve our country now and in the past, and for the sacrifices their families make so that we can all enjoy the blessing of freedom.

We praise you for calling them to help protect us, and for giving them the courage and ability to do their jobs well.

Guide their choices and their actions, Lord. Help them to see you working in their daily lives, whether in the field, at home, or abroad.

Surround them with your mighty angels; protect them in your mercy; cover them with your grace.

Guard their hearts while they are far from loved ones, and bless them with moments to cherish when they are together.

Hold these families close, Lord. May they look to You for the strength and peace that only You can give.

In Jesus Name we pray,


Give them peace to know I am unharmed.

Give them hope to know I will return.

Give them patience to wait and courage to endure the waiting.

Give them strength so that they will not grow weary.