Prayer For A Sick Mother

Oh lord please help my mother in this tuff time , she is currently in the ICU with heart problem , blood pressure problem and fistula oh lord my mother is my rock I love her so much . Thank you O lord and Jesus name we pray AMEN

Please dear Lord help my mother as her illness is over powering her everyday.. Its also her Birthday today please lay your divine healing hands on her and nothing will be more perfect as a gift for her than her full recovery,, I know I've never been a good daughter to her nor a perfect christian but I know that only you dear Lord can do make this earnest cry of my heart come true,, My mother never had an easy life as a bread winner of her family that she dearly love, she even chose to leave me when I was still a baby to work abroad to give us all a better life, Even before falling into illness my mother is even helping me raise and provide for my kids, all through out her life she's been taking care and helping people around before herself.. I am praying and asking dear Lord give her more time to be with us, so we can give back all her sacrifices and love. Give us the chance to take care of her from now on..

Lord give me the chance to make it up to her and make her feel how much I love her.. Please oh please God give me more time and blessing to give her a better life.. A life that she truly deserve!!

Precious Holy Spirit, I pray that You would be with my mom during the scary time as she is facing a new mental battle. Precious Holy Spirit, as You know, her mental health has been deteriorating over the last few months. I pray that You would miraculously restore her to full mental fitness. I think of how You healed the man possessed by Legion and am comforted by how much more powerful You are than anything we will ever face. We are not ready for our mother's mind to leave us, precious Holy Spirit. If it is Your will that her mind leaves us, please give us peace with this new reality and guide us in how we care for her. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Dear God, Lift her high on eagles wings, fill her mind with your truth and cover her heart with hope. Protect her always, may she feel safe and secure besides you. Walk with her through each moment. Come be strength when she feels weak, be counsel when she needs comfort. Help her to rest, to lay down when she needs to and allow others to take the strain. I pray that throughout this hard time she may know our love for her and Your love for her. Amen.

Dear Father, I pray for my lovely mum, for you to hold her, keep her and restore her at this trying time. She is always looking out for others, caring for her family and watching over her friends. Please help us all now to be her guardians. May she reap in abundance all the love she has given out. Come surround her with your arms of healing, lift her heart to find moments of joy in every day and keep hope burning alive in her soul. Cover her as she sleeps with the encircling power of Christ. Pour into her the oil of His healing grace, and clothe her with her inheritance as a child of God. She is so precious to us, yet even more so to you, her Abba Father. Lord, we look to you for her restoration. In the powerful name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Dear lord my mother is so special to me a friend a shoulder to cry on understanding loving grandma and a beautiful soul in and out she has just come out from a huge operation stomach cancer and has been in ICU for the last 10 days her lungs have collapsed her heart is weak and her oxygen levels are down. Lord place your holy hands on her body and please heal her. In the name of the father and of the son and
the Holy Spirit amen.

God, my humble prayer is that all these mothers mentioned here may receive healing from you, You are our master, you made us and you know every sick part of our body. We wait for your doing, because our hope is in you our Master. In Jesus' Holy name. Amen.

Dear Lord, I thank you for all your blessings, especially for giving us a wonderful and a loving mother. We know that whatever we have is just borrowed, but I would like to request for your Sacred Heart to heal my mother. She has been through so many hardships,but her faith in you stayed strong. We believe that you can do anything, that you can heal my mother. Have mercy on us, Lord. Amen.