Prayer For A Pregnant Woman In Labor

O God of Loving Devotion, thank you that you are perfectly faithful. You never forget a promise. You have promised that all my needs will be supplied by you. Please provide everything I need throughout the process of childbirth. Be with me during the highs and the lows. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Dear Lord:

Thank you for this contraction, Lord!!! I welcome it and know that I am one step closer to meeting my baby! I give this contraction permission to accomplish its task and I trust in my God-given instinct to birth normally and naturally, and I thank you for guiding and directing me during this process.
I have complete faith in the birth process and have peace knowing that You created me to do this! I give up control and fear and let my body take over and bringing this baby into the world. Help me to relax every muscle in my body and allow my cervix to open and help the baby move down the birth canal easily. I pray that my uterus will work perfectly and in order and the my cervix will remain supple and open.
Comfort us during this time and allow us to have the beautiful birth experience that You desire us to have. Cast out any fear that the enemy puts in our way!
Help us to have a gentle and quiet spirit, yet firm and confident during this process, so that others will see your hand at work. We praise You and thank You for Your love, for keeping us safe and for this miracle we are about to meet!

In Jesus' Name,

Sovereign Lord, soothe me with your calming grace in this time of labor. I am your child. I belong to you and I am safe in your hands. Fill my heart with the assurance that you are full of steadfast love for me. In your mercy, may I find peace. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Everlasting Father, thank you that you are the author of life. You are a perfectly loving Father who always gives good gifts to your children. Please help and protect me through the process of labor and delivery. May my child know their identity and dignity as your child, as you lead them into the fullness of life. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Compassionate and Gracious God, I thank you for the wonder of children and the gift of new life. As Mary knew the pain and joy of motherhood, please sustain me through childbirth with your grace and love. May this child know your love, your wisdom and your care. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Dear Lord, Beloved Mother,
So many women upon Your Earth within Your Universe question their ability to birth forth Your child within her (Your) Womb naturally. I ask Dear Lord that You hold each of these women close now and help them to truly see themselves as Love sees them, as Grace sees them, as You, Divine Mother see them. Gently expand her third eye so that she truly sees. My prayer is that each pregnant woman moves out her head and busy mind and drops deeply into her heart, where the Spirit of the Living God, the Divine Feminine resides as Love as her. Dear Lord, I thank you in this moment for teaching your divine loving pregnant and laboring Mama-to-be that she can and was meant to give birth in the energy and activity of Love that she is! Thank you that each pregnant woman has within her the power, strength, focus, gratitude, loving and open heart to maintain, breathe, surrender and allow her child to come through her with grace. Thank you Beloved for teaching her that the belief about pain experienced during labor is part of a collective projected perception that many human beings have bought into manifestation based on years of fear and unconscious thoughts about the birth experience. Thank you Lord for teaching each of these women how to be present, how to feel her emotions now and while in labor so that she can decipher when she is centered and calm and when she is not. Thank you for helping her to see and embrace that she will work while in labor like never before, but she will do so, with love, like never before. Help her to truly know in her soul that the collective race thoughts about labor and childbirth do not have to be her reflected experience. Thank you for revealing to her sacred mind that the experience of labor and childbirth is not to her detriment, but to her and her child's health and healing as she wholeheartedly passes through the Holy and Sacred Portal of labor into motherhood. Thank you Lord. And so it is. Amen.

Admirable Is the Name of God

O Mary our Mother, be our haven, be our peace on the pathways of life.