Prayer For A New Baby

Oh Lord Jesus, my little one is not very well at all, and she is so
tiny and vulnerable, and I don't know what to do to help.
Give me wisdom, I pray, and show me what I ought to do.
Lord Jesus, You are the great doctor of all doctors, and You know
exactly what is wrong with her. Lord, I pray that You would
overshadow my little baby and stretch out Your healing hand and
touch herand make her better very soon I pray.
Grant me peace in my heart and the wisdom to know what I
should do, and help me not to panic but to trust You in all things. I
trust You Lord, Amen.

Protest this baby, O Lord, for Your protection is the greatest love.
Guide this baby, O Lord for Your guidanceis the greatest protection.
Teach this baby, O Lord, for your teachings are the greatest guidance.
Love this baby, O Lord, for Your love is the greatest teacher of all.
May Your blessings bring this baby happiness. Amen

We come to You this day with a longing that You heal our newborn baby.
We ask that you protect him during his time in surgery and for a speedy recovery thereafter.
We thank you for all those who You have put in our path to assist us in trying to heal him, doctors, surgeons and nurses.
We know that through Your name miracles happen every day.
We have faith in Your word and will never give up believing that he will be healed of all his complications.
In God we trust.

God, the first days, even months of a baby's life are very precarious. I pray for peace and health in these days. May this child sleep peacefully and safely with no harm to their life. Everything can be a bit scary for a little baby is so helpless. Help me make the right decisions and find your peace in all of this, but most importantly protect my baby. Thank you God! Amen.

God, I ask that You protect this little life. Grow this baby into the person that reflects Your light and love in the world. I know this child is important, that this child is destined to do great things in Your name. I pray strong protection over this baby's life. Amen.

Peter 3:18
Jesus, my Savior, I pray over the life of this newborn baby and I praise You for this precious gift that came from You. Jesus, I pray that my child grows in the grace and the knowledge of You, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Knowing You is the greatest gift one can experience in life. Let this infant's life be one that is set apart from the world. Let this infant's life be an example of Your glory here on earth. Amen.

Jeremiah 29:11
Righteous God, I thank You for this newborn baby. I pray for great things in this infant's life because You know the plans that You have for this child, plans to prosper and not to harm this child. I thank You because I know that the plans that You have made are to give my child hope and a future. I pray that my child will do great things because it is part of Your will to do so. Amen.

God, please give my baby all that is required for a good way of life and for a good way of living.
Please let this child bring joy and pride to me and my family. I will give all that is needed to this child. And help me to do my best to guard and protect my baby for his/her lifetime.