Prayer For A Dead Soldier

God of power and mercy, you destroy war and put down earthly pride.

Banish violence from our midst and wipe away our tears, that we may all deserve to be called your sons and daughters.

Keep in your mercy those men and women who have died in the cause of freedom and bring them safely into your kingdom of justice and peace.

We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, look kindly on your departed veterans who gave their lives in the service of their country. Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in you with your saints forever. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Brave warriors,
should fate find us in battle,
May our cause be just.
May our leaders have clear vision.
May our courage not falter.
May we be triumphant an earn victory
as we show mercy to our enemies.

May our efforts bring lasting peace.
May our sacrifice be always
appreciated by those we serve.
May we return to our loved ones unharmed.
Should we be harmed, may our wounds heal.
Should we perish in the struggle,
may God embrace us and find for us
a place in His Kingdom.

We remember you, we honor you, we love you and we humbly thank you for your service. A simple thank you is not enough for all that you've endured. We pray that you live on through the loving memories shared by your family and loved ones. We pray that the strife, battles and wounds of war be calmed for eternity in God's loving grace. May you find rest at last and know that those left behind cherish your spirit, honor your commitment, send their love and will never forget your sacrifice.

All Powerful God,
We honor today those men and women
Our sons and daughters,
Husbands and wives,
Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers
Who have laid down their life for their country.

Whether weary or emboldened, quiet or defiant,
Vulnerable or ready when You called them home,
Their sacrifice is too humbling for words
except these uttered in prayer.

Loving Lord, bless them forever in Your eternal peace.
Let the sounds of strife, the cries of battle, the wounds of war
be calmed for all eternity in Your loving and endless grace.
Let these great warriors find rest at last,
Ever reminded that we who are left behind
Cherish their spirit, honor their commitment,
send them our love,
and will never forget the service that they gave.

Loving God, thank You for the promises in Your Word for Your children. I'm praying for my fallen soldier that I know is with You. Wipe away my tears, Loving God. Remind my heart that there are no more tears for my loved one because You have promised to dry each one. The tears my fallen warrior has cried have not been in vain because Your Word tells us that You have counted each one. I pray that as You wipe their tearsand my tearsaway my memories of them will be joyous and beautiful. Amen.

Compassionate Jesus, You know when Your children die. You are aware of the death of my fallen hero. You say there is a season for life and death, but this season is not easy for me. My loved one has now entered into eternal life with You. I am at a loss. It is hard to go on. I pray that Your loving arms will surround them and comfort them with Your presence. Comfort me, too, Jesus. Speak to me and assure me that my fallen warrior is happy, and I should be happy for them. Remind me I will one day be together with my beloved warrior again and with You. Amen.

Dear Lord Jesus and Mary, Mother of God,
Hold all these brave souls in the palm of your hand, comfort them and their families.
Send angels of protection, love, and comfort to all the servicemen and women still at war,
bring them home safely and comfort their families.