Bible Prophecies

Bible Prophecies: The Word of God to the World

When most Americans think of Bible prophecies, they look for a prediction from the Bible about their current situation. Or perhaps they hope Bible prophecies will give them an insight into what is going to happen to their nation or even the world. However, a careful look at Bible prophecies will show that the main concern of the prophets wasn't America, or an individual person, or even the future at all.

John VersesBible prophecies were most often delivered to the people of Israel in times of great distress. In fact, many of the prophetic books of the Bible date from when Israel and Judah were being attacked by foreign adversaries.

In many cases, the prophets blamed the dire situation of their countries on the failure of the people to follow God's will. These Bible prophecies promised the people that if they did not change their ways, God would punish them. These predictions came true and thus the prophets obtained a reputation for predicting the future. While they were foretellers at times, their primary role was sharing God's will for the present.

Many people look to the Book of Revelation for prophecies that speak of our present day. However, even many of those prophecies were also about events when Revelation was written. This makes sense  why would God write a book that had no application for the people of His day and only be valid at one point in time?

Even if Bible prophecies are not specifically about our time, they still have value for today. They were put in the Bible because they have universal appeal. They may not apply to specific information about an American leader or a war in the Middle East, but we can learn from them how to follow God and live as Christians.

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