Prayer For Victory In Sports

Jesus, in our upcoming game, we ask for your protection over all of us, on our team and the opposing team, so that no one is injured during the game. Please wrap us in your wings so that we can all play an enjoyable game that is safe and responsible. Help us to follow the rules and not be tempted to do things that may end up causing harm to others in our effort to win the game. Amen.

Dear Father, we thank You for our safety and pray healing for our injured.

If victorious:

We praise You for our victory, and thank You for guiding us through our heated feelings when we felt wronged.

If defeated:

Help us, Father, with the pain we feel now and guide us to the knowledge You taught us today through the result.

Help us to honor You and our teammates and competitors with our actions in all things. Amen.

Powerful Father, you told me that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize. You told me to run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last. I do it to get a crown that will last forever. Thank you for giving me your word. Amen.

Lord God, our Heavenly Father, we thank you for this opportunity to gather together this afternoon/evening in competition. We ask that all of those involved today/tonight may conduct themselves in a God-pleasing manner and show good sportsmanship despite the outcome. Lord, we thank you for the gifts and abilities you have blessed these athletes with, and we pray that they may use them to glorify you. We ask that all involved in today's/tonight's game may be kept free from injuries and that you will be with us as we leave this place today/tonight. All this we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

All-knowing Savior, the training and rigor is not fun. It is tough and I am not enjoying it. Help me heart to fully realize that the training will yield bountiful fruit. Strengthen my weak hands and feeble knees. Make my path straight and give me the perseverance and grace to complete my training with all my effort and with a good attitude. Amen.

Dear Father, may we compete with Your heart shining through ours. May we push ourselves to be what You tell us we can be. May we have kindness in our hearts, mindfulness in our souls, and endurance to finish. Keep us and our competitors safe from harm, and let our actions be a testament to your glory. Amen.

Dear Father, let the efforts of our minds and bodies be fruitful, that we may perform in a way glorious to You. May the time we spent preparing shine today as a testament to You. Keep our hearts open and our bodies safe from harm. Amen.

Dear Father!I praise You and honour You as my Lord! You are in control of all things! Even now Lord You know how important this sports event is for me.Lord! The Scripture says that we are more than conquerors through You. You are the only all powerful and wise God. I trust You to grant me victory in this field O Lord it is nothing for You to help a weak person. I do not rely on my strength or ability Lord! I humble myself and I choose to place all my confidence in You and none in my flesh.Lord! Grant me robust health and keep me physically fit to achieve success in my efforts. Let Your name alone be glorified through my victory Lord! Please let me prove to the world that I am the child of the Almighty.I have the confidence that I can do everything through You. Strengthen me O Lord and let me shine for Your glory. Protect me from all harm and danger. I pray all this in the most precious name of Jesus my Saviour, Lord and friend.Amen.