Prayer For Victims Of Violence

Precious God, love is patient and love is kind. I know that my relationship is missing love when this should be the foundation. I pray against violence, anger and everything bad that seems to entice my partner. I pray that Your love consumes him/her and my relationship because the abuse I suffer is so overwhelming. Lord I cry out to You knowing that You hear me, and I thank You in advance for the shift in my relationship that You will create, Amen.

Prince of Peace, I need more of You right now. I know that You test the righteous, and I stand in my faithfulness to You because You are my God. But I know that Your soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence, I know that it is not okay for me to be abused by my partner. I pray for peace in my relationship, let Your Spirit change the heart and mind of my partner. Allow him/her to see things like You do, Amen.

King of Kings, Your word instructs us on how to behave whilst on earth. I pray that Your word guides my partner so that he/she does not continue to respond with his/her flesh. Lord, we must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger because the anger of man does not produce Your righteousness. Father, I pray that this scripture motivates my partner's actions so that they can treat me the right way, Amen.

God of Righteousness, who executes justice for the oppressed and who gives food to the hungry? It is You Lord, for You see the needs of Your people. Lord I thank You because You set the prisoners free, Lord it is You who sets me free despite my circumstances trying to bind me. I pray against the violence and abuse that I have suffered, I declare that Your love will set me free and will keep me during this painful time. I declare that I will not be oppressed by my partner because You are my God and I am victorious in You, Amen.

I have to admit, God,
that sometimes it's hard
to even call your name.
On those days I can't help but think
that if you had been there,
I wouldn't be here

Here in a world where
a picture, a place,
a smell, a sound
brings me back to that awful day
when everything changed.

Here where sleep no longer is welcome
for that's when the nightmares come
and I wake in tears.

But here is where I need you,
and here is where I cry to you.
Be here with me, Lord, be here.

Let me not be a prisoner of the past,
but allow me to remember its joy.
Help me to trust in tomorrow
by showing me how to live in today.

Let me be angry for what had been done,
but don't let me be consumed by it
that I no longer recognize myself.

Unbind me from the bonds of grief and fear
that I may become again
the person you created me to be
a person of joy, of love, of trust, and hope.

And if there's at all any room in my heart to forgive,
then so let it be,
for we all need joy, we all need love,
we all need trust and hope.

Be here with me, Lord, be here,
right where I am and here as I am.
Be here with me, Lord, be here.

Jesus, I pray for all people who are victims of senseless violence. For those who are killed in war, both members of the military and innocent civilians, Jesus help them. For people killed by random shootings in public places, both in the U.S. and abroad, help us to solve the root problems that lead to these tragedies.

Please be with families in domestic abuse situations everyday, and help those victims, especially children, with a way out. Jesus, thank you for the peace in our homes and communities but help us to be mindful and pray for all who suffer in other places. Lord here our prayer.

Loving God, you are the author and sustainer of our lives. You know the anguish of the sorrowful, you are attentive to the prayers of the brokenhearted. Hear your people who cry out to you in their need; strengthen their hope in your lasting goodness.

We pray today for those who have died because of violence, of terrorism. Draw them to yourself; let your face shine upon them. May they be greeted with choirs of angels and experience your eternal peace and joy.

Be near to all those who have been touched by violence: those who have been hurt, lost their loved ones or lost their sense of security. Be for them a steady comfort and safe resting place.

Soften the hearts and steady of the minds of those who would do violence to others. May hate be replaced with love, violence with peace and darkness with your light.


Loving God,
Welcome into your arms the victims of violence and terrorism.
Comfort their families and all who grieve for them.
Help us in our fear and uncertainty,
And bless us with the knowledge that we are secure in your love.
Strengthen all those who work for peace,
And may the peace the world cannot give reign in our hearts.