Prayer for the Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas

For Use On January 28 or Other Occasions

Thomas Aquinas (AD 1225-1274) was a Dominican monk, scholastic theologian, and prolific writer. His main works are Summa Theologica and Summa contra Gentiles. The former work was an attempt to harmonize Catholic Theology with the science of his time period, which was based on the philosophy of Aristotle.

His writings and theology deeply influenced official Catholic teachings, and many of his insights were enshrined as dogma in subsequent Church councils. Interestingly, because Thomas was quiet, his colleagues nicknamed him "The Dumb Ox." His memorial is celebrated on January 28.

Thomas Aquinas with Angels


Prayer for the Memorial of Saint Thomas Aquinas


We give you thanks for the life and example of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

May we strive to imitate his zeal for holiness, and thirst for knowledge of You, and of Your harmonious universe.

Give us the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love to seek you with all of our being, following the example of Thomas.

Through Christ, our Lord.


Updated 01-23-2017