Prayer For The Youth Of Today

Father, in the name of Jesus, open the eyes of every discouraged youth to see this church as their God-ordained city of refuge, where their trials shall be turned to testimonies in Jesus name.

Father, in the name of Jesus, by the Holy Ghost, redirect the steps of every embattled youth back to God and grant each one of them a welcome package.

Father God, today we make mention of the youth in this next generation, not just the ones we know, but also those across this nation and the world. We pray for an encounter with You, the One who can change everything.We believe our prayers are making a corridor for You to encounter our youth and release Your power upon them. We praise You, God, for You are a God who answers when we call. We agree for these things to be done in the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Loving God,
we ask for your blessing as we journey through this Year of Youth in the Diocese of Trenton. Surround us with your care and enfold us in your love. Guide our bishop. Inspire our priests, our deacons, our religious, and all the faithful. Bless our families. Strengthen our parishes and schools. Make this a time of grace for the young Church; a time of growth and renewal for all who take part in this Year of Youth. Send your Holy Spirit among us to awaken in our hearts the courage to live the joy of the Gospel in everything we do, through Christ our Lord.

Dear Lord,
help our young people to find
faith in the midst of the chaos.
Give them the desire and ability
to see you,
hear you,
talk to you,
and give thanks to you.
We pray that they will draw nearer and nearer to you
all their lives.

You know the hearts of our young kids. I pray that you would grow a desire in them that some would devote a life of service to a ministry. We need honest preachers. We need passionate worship pastors. We need men that will take hold of these desires and run with them. You can do great things, Father, through us and I pray that You will use the Holy Spirit to speak to our adolescent children to grow a passion inside of them that wants to know You more and live for You daily! I love You! Amen

Father in Heaven,
I pray that You would raise up a generation of children that would fear You greatly! Lord, I'm scared about where our country is headed. Many bad decisions are affecting our kids. Abortion is not a scary word anymore. Father, our kids need to know to fight for what's right and I pray that You would use me to help Your cause to raise a generation of young people that will continue to fight for You! I love You! Amen

We offer to you, Loving God, the gifts and needs of youth.
Bless them with your guiding grace as they face the challenges and opportunities in their lives.
Touch their hearts with the gentleness of your love, that they may know they are valued and valuable beings.
Send your spirit of hope to their lives, that they may believe in themselves and know they are needed in this world.
Grace them with the gift of joy that they may celebrate life through laughter and tears alike.
Guide us, as we continue to grow in appreciation of the many gifts of young people, in the ministry opportunities we offer to them, in the journey of faith we walk with them, in our shared mission as a community called to discipleship in the world.We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.