Prayer For Terminally Ill

Heavenly Father, my faith for You is strong. I truly believe that You have a destined plan for my loved one who is passing from their terminal illness. Keep this faith alive and strong in my soul. Keep this faith also strong in my loved one. May they have faith in Your plan and light. May they have faith that You will be with them and welcome them into heaven. May faith be the center of their soul during this difficult time. May their faith be abundant, just as Your love for us is. In Your all-powerful name. Amen.

Gracious Lord of Unfailing Love, my heart is heavy because my loved one is terminally ill. You say that You are the Healer of all our diseases. I know that sometimes the healing happens after death, but I cling to the hope that this time Your healing will take place on this side of eternity. Please use Your doctors, nurses, and medicines to heal my loved one. My earnest desire is for them to continue here with me, but I surrender that desire to Your will and Your timing. Amen.

All-Powerful Father, I come before You on behalf of my loved one who is terminally ill. Amid their illness, I pray that day by day, You give them the comfort and strength they need to get through this. Lord, with my mortal eyes, it looks hopeless. But with You, I know that all things are possible. Lord, please grant them Your strength and healing. Amen.

God of Loving Devotion, someone that I care about has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and does not have long on this earth. I am grieving for them because I am losing them and because of the depth of their suffering. Lord, You say that You give us Your peace, and we're not to be afraid. I pray this Scripture over my loved one. I ask that You give them Your peace amid their suffering. Calm their hearts, O Powerful God. Transition them gently into Your agape love. Amen.

Gracious God, please be here in these difficult moments. Please bring Your gentle and almighty touch to my loved one right now. They are losing their battle to their terminal illness and they need Your presence now more than ever. Please bless them with Your light. Please take away their pain and welcome them into an eternal kingdom of glory and peace. Remind them that they are so generously loved. In Your wonderful name. Amen.

Jesus, Great Physician, Your Word is full of the healing of the sick. Your power has not ceased; You still deliver, save, and heal Your children. I place my sick body on the altar of the cross and beg for Your healing touch. You can heal without human intervention, or You can heal through doctors, nurses, or ministers of Your truth. I am waiting on Your healing touch in whatever way You choose to provide it. Heal me, Jesus. Heal me, Great Healer. Come within me and fill me with Your presence. I need You now. Amen.

God, my Strength, my Refuge, as I reach the point of passing from this life into the next, I take comfort in You. I know You are with me in these last days of my life. You have promised me that You will never leave me or forsake me. You are the light in my darkness and my constant source for comfort. I need Your comfort and presence more than ever in my last days. Be with me, be in me, and fix my eyes on You. Blind my eyes to the fear of the unknown, to the fear of crossing over. Fill my heart with joy that can only come from You, knowing that I will soon be filled with light and love in Your presence. Amen.

Compassionate Father, my diagnosis is terminal. I am in darkness. I feel numb. I feel sad. I don't whator ifI feel. I am confused, and at the same time, my mind is blank. I know that if You do not rescue me that I will soon cease to walk this earth. My steadfast hope lies in going to You. It lies in stepping into eternity with You. You say I may have peace in You. I pray, Lord, please give me that peace. Please calm my spirit within me so I may face these coming days with courage and grace. Let me be present in my final days so that I can let my friends and family know how important they have been to me. Help me comfort them and let them know that they should not be sad, because I will be looking down on them. And I will be with You. Amen.