Prayer For Surgery For Friend

Heavenly Father,

You remain constant, in a world of such bewildering hatred and confusing suffering. You are a rock on which we stand, your word is a fortress for our souls and your promises are a lamp to guide our feet.

We call and you are there, omnipresent and Almighty, Father hearted and merciful. So we call upon you today as our friend has this surgery. Protect and keep him (her) within your heavenly arms. Watch over every detail of the surgeons work, and bring them safely through this time into your streams of recovery and restoration.


You are the rock that guides us and the fortress that gives us refuge. When we feel fear or doubt, we come to you to be comforted. As our friend starts her (his) surgery today, please remove her fears and doubts. Bring her the peace and clarity of your love. Guide the surgeons, doctors and nurses as they begin their task. Through your mercy, keep our friend safe and help her (him) to make a speedy recovery. We put our faith and trust in you. May we be guided closer to you and may our friend be brought closer to your love. Amen.

You are the light of the world, and the source of everlasting peace. Through your power, bring my friend peace and comfort as the surgery begins. I pray that you will protect and keep her (him) in your care as the surgeons begin their work. Please help my friend to make a safe, healthy recovery from her (his) surgery.

You are my shield and my protector. As my friend prepares for surgery today, guide her (him) in your wisdom. Help to cast away all of her (his) doubts and fears as the surgery begins. In your mercy, help her (him) to make a speedy, healthy recovery. You are the source of all mercy, love and compassion in this world. We pray that you heal our friend through your love and compassion. Amen.

You strengthen those who are weak and tired. Through your power, you can heal the sick. I ask that you protect my friend as her (his) surgery begins today. Help her (him) to be healed and guide the surgeons as they begin their work. Amen.

Your promises are a lamp that guides my way. You have watched over my friend throughout her (his) treatment, and you have protected her as she prepared for the surgery. I ask that your healing fill my friend and protect her (him) during the surgery. May you bless the work of the surgeons as they work to heal my friend. Please give her (him) rest and peace during each moment of the day as she (he) dwells in your truth. I pray that you give my friend a complete restoration.

O Lord, be close behind my dear friend today. Whisper words of hope and compassion within her (his) heart. Shut out the fear, worry and pan that beset her (his) mind. Wrap her (him) in your soft, merciful love. As the surgeons begin their work, bless their efforts and bring healing to my friend's body. Please continue to protect her (him) and keep her (him) in your care. May they feel your presence and be consoled during their suffering.

Heavenly Father, you are a constant presence in our world. While there is much suffering, hatred and confusion in the world, you are the rock that we stand on. Your word is like a fortress for our souls. Even in the darkest night, your promises are the lamp that guides are way. We call upon you here, almighty, omnipresent Father to be merciful. Our friend is beginning a surgery today, and we ask that you keep him (her) in your heavenly arms. Protect him (her) and guide the surgeons as they do their work. We pray that you will guide our friend through a healthy recovery and restore him (her) to good health.