Prayer For Stress Relief

Dear Omnipotent Father, the Almighty, all powerful God, give me strength today through all of my health issues. I pray that You will eradicate the diseases plaguing me this day. I feel weak and useless. You have the power to do as You please gracious Father, and I pray that Your will be done. If You will that my back pain goes away or stays, I will obey You, Lord. If You will that my migraines get stronger or go away, I will love and honor You this day. Amen.

Gracious, Heavenly Father, You already know the worries on my heart. I pray that You will give me the peace that passes all understanding in the trials that are ahead. I am scared about what the future holds in my career, family and finances. I give these worries to You Father and ask that You will carry me through this difficult time. Your agape love surpasses all love that I could possibly give. I thank You and praise You for Your patience with me. I love you Father! Amen.

Father in heaven, I fear for the doors that may be closing in my life. I have a good job, but the company is cutting back. I pray that if I am fired that You will open a new door for me. I pray that You will provide me the exact outlet You want me to be in to do Your will. I pray that You will provide me a job that will still pay for my mortgage and feed my spouse and children. You are gracious Father, and I have experienced many blessings from You in my life. I am thankful for all that You have done for me. Amen.

Holy God in heaven, I come to you now with a heavy heart. You already know that I have been screened for skin cancer and You already know the results. I pray Father that the results will give me a clean bill of health. But if they don't, I pray Lord that you would free me of this disease and heal me completely. I will obey You Father no matter what. You are omniscient and know what is best for me; that is why I love You so much. I praise Your Name, O Holy God! Amen.

Lord, I am scared about the bills this week Father. I was not expecting the car to break down requiring $800 in repairs. Lord I don't know how I am going to make it this month. I pray that You would provide me necessary means to make up the extra money in side work. If not side work, I pray that You will provide the money somehow. I trust in You completely Father and I will declare your grace and mercy because You are good, Lord. You are faithful. You are abounding in love! I love you, Father! Amen.

Father, You know the agony I am in over my brother. He refuses to believe in You and I am scared that he may never. Lord, please give me an opportunity to talk with him when he will actually listen. I don't want to be in heaven without him Father. I love him so much! Please hear my distress and anguish! My heart is breaking for him every single day that goes by. I pray that he will receive salvation, Lord, no matter from who tells him the gospel. In Jesus is life and I want so badly for my brother to experience the life-changing power of the cross. I love You, Abba, Father! Amen.

Oh patient Father, I am so thankful that You love me. Lord, I pray that you will help me to be patient with my co-workers that defile Your Name every single day. Lord, I pray that You will soften their hearts to receive the message of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I cannot stand hearing them speak Your name in vain, Father. I pray that You will fill me with overwhelming joy that I can sustain the depravity that is before me. You are amazing, Father, for being patient for as long as You have with all of mankind. I pray that I will be patient with the mankind that I come in contact with on my short time here on earth. You are worthy of all praise! Amen.

Lord, you know my situation. I want so badly for You to bring a suitable mate into my life. Lord, I love You with all of my heart and I want a partner that feels the same way. I do not want to be unequally yoked and I pray that You will give me discernment to know when to run away and when to stay. I will continue faithfully in obeying You, Father, no matter the outcome. You know what is best for me and I will gladly follow where You lead me with my anxiety over this issue. I love You, Father! Amen.