Prayer For Spirit Of Discernment

Loving Father God, I pray that I accept the truth of Your Word, that I turn my ear to listen intently to Your words of wisdom, and that I open my heart to understand all you say in Your Word of truth, for I know that to treasure up Your Word in my heart is indeed wisdom, and to love and fear the Lord is the gateway to discernment.

Give me discernment in my heart I pray, and increase my knowledge and understanding so that may I come to know You more and love You better.

Guard my heart I pray, so that I may follow in Your truth all the days of my life for it is my heart-desire to know You. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Loving Father, I know that we are living in days when there is so much deception that it is often difficult to know the truth. Deception not only in the world but in the Church, yet You have told us that if we know the truth, the truth will set us free.

Thank You, that I am already free form the bondage of sin and death and have my feet firmly planted on the Lord Jesus Christ. But I also ask that You would grant me discernment and an understanding heart to know what is good and true, and to be able to identify and reject what is false and deceptive.

Help me to test every spirit to see what is truth or whether deception is being peddled. Give me wisdom and understanding to discern the difference between truth and error, I pray. Thank You that You are not a God of confusion but the God of peace. Give me an understanding heart. In Jesus' name I pray,


Loving Lord I know that it says in the Bible that the people of this world do not understand the Scriptures nor do they understand the things of the Spirit of God, because those things are foolishness to the natural heart of man. It says that people do not understand the things of God because those things are spiritually discerned.

Give me spiritual understanding and wisdom to discern the things of God I pray, for it is my desire to know the truth You have promised to everyone who trusts You as Saviour.

At times, Lord, I feel as if I am a single sheep in the midst of a hungry pack of wolves as I travel through this evil world. But I also know that You have counselled us to be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.

Give me discernment I pray, so that I may be as wise as a serpent in the midst of this crooked generation, but also give me the gentle Spirit of Christ, that the love of Jesus may show forth in my life as I seek to walk worthy for You. In Jesus' name,


Dear LORD, help me distinguish between the accuser's voice and the Advocate's voice. I know I have a choice when it comes to whom I listen to: condemnation or correction. Thank You for Your great love that never condemns, but lovingly corrects. Increase my wisdom and let my mind and soul be enlightened by the gift of discernment.

In Jesus' Name,


Father God,

We thank You for this day. Father, You are the same today as You were yesterday, and as You are tomorrow. Since the beginning of mankind, You sought to have a relationship with Your creation, to instruct us in the way that we ought to go. Father, today we pray for discernment. We pray that the Holy Spirit that indwells within us with give us a peace beyond understanding to know precisely when something is You, and when something is not. Father, we want to be obedient to Your call in our lives. We pray for such discernment to not only make wise choices, but in the course of it all to know we can trust Your guiding hand.

In Jesus Name,


Father, please guide my footsteps so that I do not sin against you. Do not let me sin against you, so that Satan will not have an advantage over me. Empower me through your Holy Spirit to obey all your commandments, and help me to faithfully serve you so that I can prosper throughout the days of my life. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.


Dear God, please guide my steps not to seek counsels from ungodly people. Assist me to seek godly counselors who may guide me into making right decisions. Help me to prayerfully consider any counsel before I take an action. Do not let me rush into judgment and regret afterward. Rather, let your Holy Spirit counsel, comfort, and empower me to appropriately make decisions that will result in positive benefits. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

O Lord, please teach me how to respond to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Let me be prayerful and sensitive, so that I can understand every instruction that the Spirit offers. Make me a sensitive servant that listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and make me an obedient servant that yields to his instructions. Let my obedience benefit your kingdom. Let me never regret serving you, but help me to prosper in this life, and in heaven also. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.