Prayer For Sick Family Member

O Jehovah, my God, I come to your throne with a broken heart. My family is tearing apart. We have been hurting each other out of bitterness. Lord, forgive us. Heal each one of us and help us to forgive one another. Bind us with cords of love and give us the grace to love each other again. Uphold this family with your generous spirit and help us to rejoice always in you. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray. Amen.

Dear God of All Comfort, so many bad things have been happening to us as a family. We have lost people we love dearly tragically, and we have struggled with generational curses of sickness and diseases. Our relatives and friends have rejected us. Lord, bring healing in our hearts. Heal us from all these painful memories. Purify our hearts with your love and let the bad memories be replaced by the truth that is found in your word. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

O Lord, Creator and Sustainer, we are covered with shame today. Our children have strayed from your commands and are now after worldly pleasures. They have become drug addicts. Lord, be merciful unto them even though they have rebelled against you. Break the evil chains of addiction, in Jesus' name. Protect their bodies from the effects of drugs and wash away the desire for drugs with your blood. In Jesus' name, I believe and pray. Amen.

Father of Mercy and Love, my family and I have acted wickedly towards you. We have forgotten the great things you have done in our lives and have chased after worthless things that have opened doors for the enemy to control us. Lord forgive us. Turn our hearts away from all evil and help us to seek you alone. Where we have lost because of foolishness and sin, Lord, bring healing and cause us to prosper. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Compassionate and Gracious God, you tell us not to give in to sinners when they entice us. Sadly, some of our family members have set their foot on their paths. They are now in trouble and have been betrayed by the very people who pretended to be their friends. Dear Lord, you are a merciful God, that is why we come to you today to ask you for forgiveness on behalf of our family members. Open their eyes that they may learn from their mistakes. Be a shield to them and help them to recover from the betrayal that they have faced. Lord, break all unhealthy attachments that have been formed with these wicked people and bring healing to them. Shut every demonic door and cut evil soul ties. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Oh, Jesus, my Great Healer, I come to you today on behalf of my family. We have gone through a lot of challenges in the past. All these bad experiences have left us wounded and fearful. Jesus, let your healing hand be upon us. Remove bitterness caused by past wounds from our hearts. Relieve us from fear and anxiety and grant us quiet minds. Mend our hearts and fill us with peace and joy. Lead us in this journey of healing and recovery and fill us with your light and hope. In your precious name, I believe and pray. Amen.

Jesus, the Great Physician, I worship you today for you are the God who forgives all sins and heals all our diseases. Jesus, our family, has been facing attacks from the enemy in the form of sickness and disease. Your word says that by your stripes, we are healed. We come against every attack from the camp of the enemy, and we command every sickness and disease to dry up by its roots. Heal us, dear Jesus, and we shall be healed, for you are the one we praise. I pray for healing, wholeness and restoration for every member of this family. In your merciful name, we pray. Amen.

Lord, Chain-Breaker, I come bodily before your throne of grace on behalf of my family. Lord, save and heal us from this family bondage. Set us free from the bondage of failure and poverty. Grant us double for all the trouble that we have been through in the past. Let your glory fill this family that we may be able to prosper in all that we do and may those who know us testify that we serve the God of restoration. In Jesus' name, we believe and pray. Amen.