Prayer For Safe Travel For A Friend

Dear God,

Please watch over me as I fly out today. May your hand be on the pilot and crew, your strength be in the engineers that prepare the plane and your wisdom over the control teams on the ground.

I choose to trust in you, and give you my fears and anxieties. May I find peace as I travel. Take my heart on a journey of trust and hope as I look out over the beautiful world you have made.

I travel with you.

Calm me and cover me,


Shelter them on their journey
Keep them day and night
Protect them from any danger
On land, sea or in flight.
Encircle them with angels
Carry them each day
Until they reach their journeys end
Be with them Lord we pray.

Your grace will keep them safe O Lord
Like a river that leads their way.
Your love will guide their footsteps
As a friendly arm that holds them safe.

Your hope will rise across the skies
For they travel to adventures new.
Your peace will hold them through the night
While they journey safe with you.

Lord Jesus,

Thank you that you are with us by the power of your Holy Spirit. Please come and work within our hearts and calm any fears we hold as we travel.

You are ahead of us smoothing our pathways.
You are beneath us, holding us securely.
You are behind us, watching our backs.
And Lord we take your hand firmly now, until we reach our destination, because you are beside us.

Thank you.

Our trust is in you.


Lord I go with you, I am safe with you. I do not travel alone, For your hand is upon me, Your protection is divine. Besides, in front and behind You encircle my life, For I am yours, and you are mine.

Dear Lord, I pray for my friend, that they would feel you at their side today as they travel. Please watch over them. Keep them safe, fill their hearts with peace and bless their trip away with your love. Amen.

I come before you Father God and confess my fears about traveling. I confess my insecurities about connections and times, My concerns for my safety and security, And my anxieties around this journey. I come to lay these things down and choose to put my trust in you. My faith will rise up and lead me through. My hopes will find light as I praise your name. My love will remain strong and firm holding me steady. My peace will be your peace, one that surpasses all these worries. You are with me. I am safe with you. Thank you. Amen.

Jesus, wherever I go, I give you praise I lift you high above each space. No matter where or how I ride You will be here with me. Whatever the time, your presence is here You hear my prayers, you're always near. If ever I feel alone I know You will be here with me. Whenever I call, upon your name I journey with you, I travel safe. For every moment you hold my hand You will be here with me.