Prayer For Restored Marriage

Lord Jesus, nothing seems to be going right in our marriage. Lately, we argue over so many things. Or we walk out in anger or silence, too upset to deal with any issues. Sometimes we fuss about little problems that don't really matter or hide things that really are important. But in Your eyes, Lord, everything matters. Pebbles grow to mountains when they pile up, day after day. When did it all start? Did we retreat into our own worlds? Become too busy to care? Did we stop listening to You and to each other?

Teach us how to communicateto simply talk to each other again with courtesy and kindness. Show us again what love and respect look like, and what it means to honor and mutually submit to the other as a man and woman in love with You, Lord. We've forgotten all the basics. And we sense that if we don't deal with even small problems now, we'll be facing a much greater roadblock later. Maybe we've forgotten what love is really like. Or maybe we never really knew. Regardless, Lord, our marriage is in trouble. We need you. No matter how difficult the circumstances, we want to face them togetherwith You on our side. You've told us we would experience troubles on this earth, but that You are the great Overcomer. With You, Lord, we can mend the tears and amend the errors. With You, we can build a successful marriage. In Your name, Amen.

Lord Jesus, we're desperate for your help. Our marriage is crumbling, and we're stumbling over the word, divorce. We've both been listening to other voices, telling us just to give upit's not worth the fight. We don't want to destroy our relationship or break the promises we made to each other until death do us part. And we know Your desire is for healing too. But we don't know what to do. Show us where to start to hedge up the gaps and exits we've created through selfishness, apathy, or pride. Reveal to us what we cannot see for ourselves. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We've abandoned our first love for each other, and we need help to find the way back again.

Restore in us a willing spirit, and help us not to point fingers or respond defensively. Teach us how to listen to each other and to really hear. The actions, attitudes, and emotions that have brought us to this place didn't happen overnight. And we know it will take time to undo all the things that brought us here. You have promised to teach us in the way we should go. You are a wise Counselor, and You know exactly what we need. All our hopes and expectations are in You. If outside Christian counsel is necessary to lead us back and start over, then direct us to ones who truly can help. You are the answer, Lord. Divorce is not what we want. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Jesus, our Great Healer, please break the chord of destruction over my marriage, in Jesus's name. I pray against the spirit of strife, confusion and discord. Let the spirit of Jezebel be destroyed and let the blood of Jesus prevail over us. Let the spirit of tender-heartedness be released. Cast down the spirits of malice, hatred and unkindness. We put our marriage in Your hands, dear Jesus. In the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Heavenly Father, I come before You to request that You bring restoration to the bond where You have joined us together as husband and wife. We pray against marriage breaking spirits and those negative forces that try to destroy marital intimacy between husband and wife. Please help our bond be undefiled, in Jesus's name. Keep us true to each other, and help us keep our holy matrimony honorable. We thank You for restoration, Amen.

Compassionate Father, You said from the beginning of creation You made them male and female and it is for this reason, that a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to this wife and the two shall become one flesh. We pray to You to strengthen our marital bond. Please help us keep the love alive, and the communication strong. Soften our hearts so they are open to each other. Impart on us the spirit of forgiveness, love and care one for another. We pray for Your help in standing against those things that come to hinder, wreck or devastate our marriage. We claim restoration in Jesus's name. Amen.

Abba, Father, the Highest God, there is none that compares to You. In my distress, I call out to You because my marriage is falling apart. Father, just as You stretched out Your hand against Judah and against the inhabitants of Jerusalem, please stretch out Your loving hand to restore my marriage. Please do not allow it to become empty and dead. Give it life, love and strength. Crush the plans of the Devil to tear apart what You have joined together. In Jesus's name. Amen.

Lord, our Savior, we thank You for this holy matrimony. We praise Your holy name that in this season of our spiritual warfare, You have been our rock and shield. Lord, teach us how to be patient in tribulation. Teach us how to hear You and follow Your guidance. Teach us how to treat each other as You would, dear Lord. Please make a way in the wilderness. We know and trust that with You all things are possible. You are God of impossibilities. We come to You and please for Your grace upon this marriage, dear Lord. In Jesus's name, Amen.

Dear Lord, Miracle Worker, I come to You in despair because my marriage right now is in a storm, with waves crashing around me at all sides. I am afraid that my marriage is going to be destroyed, and I need Your divine intervention to quiet the sea of my marriage. Lord, just as You told that wind to be still, please bring peace and understanding to my marriage. Cover us with understanding, love, and the spirit of reconciliation as we work toward repair the harm that has been done. Father, by faith, I pray that the wind will stop and there will be a great calm over our marriage, in Jesus's name. Amen.