Prayer For Reconciliation Of Marriage

Jesus, Heal us and help us to live agin. Till each crack is mended with your gift of love, till the scratches are cleansed clean away. Till the hull leaks no water, no rising despair, till the deck is repainted, the fabric replaced. Till our cupboards are stacked with new food and provision, our ropes, lights and anchor so new. Till our maps and our charts are refound and reopened, and we entrust our precious marriage to you.


Lord God, Our small boats sense danger, we're weaker apart and breakers of fear crash on our sides. Please steer us both gently to meet in a harbour, to find time and space to new peace come alive. We used to set sail in our boat unity, to work as a team to be friends. Please help us to mend and repair this great ship so it sets out to sail once again.


O Lord, We have drifted so far from the shore of the love and deepest commitment we made. Help us to remember the feel of dry land, our feet on forgiveness, the foundation we laid. The sea is so salty around us, it's heavy with suffering and pain. Come, re-touch our lips with the sweet kiss of youth, with hopes and with dreams once again.


Dear Lord, I thank you for my life and for all that you have done for me. Lord, I know you created marriage and you created it so that it can give glory to your name. You have promised that you will always be there for us you promised you will never leave us nor forsake us. I pray that you visit my marriage today. Every difficulty causing separation, Lord, help me to clear them by your power. Lord, let your name be glorified in my marriage and let peace reign. Amen.

Heavenly father you know that the love I have is pure. I have been faithful and true to him. Please help us mend our relationship and make our love stronger for each other. I know everything happens for a reason and I'm not asking for the reason, I'm just asking that this separation can make our love stronger so that we can appreciate each other for rest of our lives. Please give me the strength and patience. I beg you for some kind of sign. I thank you for the miracles and I promise not to let you down and I praise you for my blessings you have given me and continue to give me. I know that will take a miracle for us and heavenly father I have faith that you will bring us back together and make our love stronger. I beg you please keep evil and temptation away from us. I pray for everyone who is going through the same situation as myself to please help them. I pray that you help us stay strong and in faith. Please rekindle & reconcile our relationship. I love you and I give myself to you. In Jesus name thank you for answering my prayers. Amen

Lord be our light When the darkness seeps in, Brighten our days with the power of praise. Lord be our light. Lord be our shield When the arrows of hurt tear us down Help us to hold a covering of gold. Lord be our shield. Lord be our hope When despair starts to rise Keep us afloat, blow the sails of our heart. Lord be our hope. Lord be our sight When confusion ensnares, Free us to see, to hold onto our dreams. Lord be our sight. Lord, come be our light, Our shield, our hope and our sight. For in you we trust In you we arise. Amen

I have been remembering the beautiful fellowship we enjoyed together when I first was born again, and am coming to You Lord now, to confess my neglect, to admit my fault in wandering far from You, in order to experience a few paltry pleasures of the world. But they have left a bitter taste in my mouth and I long to rest in Your love once again, to breathe in the refreshing air of Your grace and to return into the loving arms of Jesus.

So be gracious to me Lord, and may the light of Your face shine on me once more. In Your grace, I come to You in humbleness of heart and pray that we may return into the sweet fellowship we once enjoyed. Thank You, Lord, that you are a God Whose greatest desire is to reconcile sinners back into Your loving arms. In Jesus' name,


Father and Almighty God, You know my heart for my husband's salvation, reformation in each of us and restoration despite divorce. Most of all you know my desire for a ministry to emerge as a result of these blessings to bring you honor and glory. Your word confirms I am not in error in seeking these things. You have counted tears for four years and I have stayed out of your way as well as grown significantly in my own walk. I praise and thank you God for these and all blessings. Help me Father to continue to stand for the man I believe is lost and who needs to know your love. Use me God to show him forgiveness the like of which you forgave me. Hallelujah, thine the glory. Revive us for all to see and know your intentions for those who stand and intercede for prodigal spouses. Amen.