Prayer For Protection Of My Job

Lord, I thank You so much for the job that You have provided. I know that there are many, many people who are not so fortunate as I, and I am so grateful that you have kept me in my position. I pray that You will continue to keep me employed so that I may provide for my precious family, and Lord, I pray that You would keep us all safe from harm and continue to provide for all our needs.

Lord, I also want to pray for the many people who are not so fortunate as I, who do not have a job and who have little hope of securing one in this tough economic climate. Lord, I bring each one to You and pray in Your mercy You would provide for their needs and - oh Lord that they too might be graced with a job in the not too distant future

Lord, I recognise that all good things come from You, but the bad things are from the evil one. Look down with pity Lord on all who need employment at this time. I pray this in Jesus' name,


Dear Lord Jesus, I do praise and thank You for the job that You have given me in Your grace and goodness. But Lord, I do pray that You would enable me to be appointed into a permanent position, rather than being employed on a temporary basis.

Open the doors for my promotion in the near future I pray, and may I find grace in the eyes of the bosses and management.

Lord, I trust my times into Your hands and pray that in Your timing an opportunity for promotion will open up, and I will give You all the praise and all the glory. In Jesus' name I pray,


Loving Heavenly Father, there is an increasing unease at my work and tensions are running high, due to the changes in staffing and management that are taking place, and so many people are becoming anxious, knowing that their jobs have become very precarious.

Father, I pray that in Your grace that You would go before me and allow me to be selected as one that will not be laid off. I do ask Lord, that I may retain my current job and not have to face the need to look for employment elsewhere.

Lord, I simply want to place this difficult position in Your hands today. Give me a peace in my heart knowing that You have promised to supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory. Thank You for hearing and answering the cries of Your children. In Jesus' name I pray,


Dear God, You made man and woman to be united as one in marriage and to live together in love and unity. Father, due to work pressures my husband has had to work abroad, which means that we are apart for much of the time and this is not good for either of us. Lord, You brought us together and You meant us to stay together and to live together in the bond of marriage.

I pray that in Your grace, You would bring my husband back, so that he may work at a job close to home and not have to leave me and the children for months at a time. Lord, in Your own good time and in Your way, would You look with grace on the cry from my heart, I pray,


Dear Father God, protect my husbands job I pray. He has become so concerned that his position is vulnerable and we need the money to pay the bills.

Help me not to worry and to cast all my burdens on You, knowing that You have said that You will help us in every situation of life. Please give me the courage not to worry and to trust You to work in this difficult situation at his work.

Lord, I don't really know the problem as he has not told me all that is gong on, but I know that You know and I believe that You care for all Your children, so please work a mighty work in my husbands job and protect his current work I pray. In Jesus' name,


Dear Lord, there is much tension and trouble at work and some of the blame is being laid at my door. Father, You know the difficulties that I face and I pray that my integrity and honesty will be proven and that these accusations against me will be dropped.

Lord, in Your grace I pray that that the unpleasant atmosphere will soon pass and that the tensions will be replaced with harmony and kind consideration between staff members.

Lord, I leave my work situation in Your hands, knowing that You alone can vindicate my character, and I pray that You will intervene on my account. This I ask in Jesus' name,


Loving Lord, there are so many dear people in the world today that are out of work at this time and as a result Lord, there is so much hardship and pain. In Your pity and mercy, I ask You to visit those that are struggling because they are jobless or unable to earn a living, knowing that unemployment brings in its wake so much stress and depression, and places such a strain on marriages and relationships.

Lord, be with those that have no jobs, and provide for all their needs, but also comfort and calm those that are living each day in fear that their employment will be terminated, as work-loads increase, while at the same time others are being laid-off.

Lord, we are living in hard times and high unemployment that causes so many to be out of work, and has such a negative influence on the lives of individuals as well as communities in general, and oh Lord, if it were not for the hope that is in Christ Jesus, life would indeed be unbearable. But thanks be to God, Who has given us the victory in Jesus Christ our Lord. Use me I pray, to help and encourage those that I know and to support others as I lift my voice in prayer to You. Hearken to this prayer and send help to those in need, I pray. In Jesus' name,


Lord, I thank you for taking good care of me. There is something I like you to do for me. Make me strong mentally to think on the positive, so no one could intervene with the relationship I have with you. Break the curse of not prospering that some people wish on me. Lord, you know my heart. I want to be a blessing to my family and the same time take care of myself. Father God, when I do take care of myself let me be a strong pillar so no one will interfere with the progress I have with you. I want you to heal me from the emotional attacks that I get from people who think that I m not strong enough for the job. I love you Lord and I know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. There is no one like you. Please give me the confidence to overcome all evil attacks upon what I'm trying to do to help my life. God give me the foresight and insight and please protect me from all harm. I pray that you will help me over come and conquer all that I want for my life. God keep me not having discernment or wisdom enough to know the difference in who I associate myself with and deliver me from the curses that make me stumble in life. I have the odds against me to even keep a job. They didn't even think that I would last as long as I did. I thank you Lord and I hope that your blessing on my life will remain to be long lasting. Please put your covering on my life and help me to be strong. Please don't let them take this beautiful opportunity away, because I learning to live for you and be a blessing to my family. I need the chance to show them that I could take care of myself and them if they need it. God I love you and Praise your name. Make me a vessel for You in my own home. Take the the bitterness of the past mistakes away and help me focus on my goals. God protect me and guide me on the way of prosperity. How I love you Lord, and How I need you more and more in my life. I know it won't be easy, but I will trust in you and keep you close to me. I love you. Your relationship means so much to me. How I love you Lord and How I want to praise You forever! Your love is amazing! Forgive me if I didn't live an example life in the past, but thank you that You caught me in time to win me back! I love You Jesus! My hope is in You! You are my strength and my fortress. To You I put my trust! Amen! and Amen!