Prayer for the Memorial of the Martyrs Perpetua and Felicity

For March 7 or Any Day

Saints Perpetua and Felicity were believed to have been martyred around AD 203. Perpetua was a Roman noblewomen, and Felicity was her slave.  Perpetua's father wanted her to recant her newfound Christian beliefs and thus avoid persecution. She refused and was thrown in prison. Felicity was pregnant while being held in prison, but gave birth to her child before she was to be executed. Both martyrs were punished by having a wild cow attack them as a part of a public spectacle in a Roman amphitheater. After that didn't kill them, they were killed by sword. The story recounts that the soldier who tried to kill Perpetua was a novice and his initial attack failed to kill her, so she guided the sword, leading to her death.

Perpetua and Felicity

The Prayer


Your love and grace gave Saints Perpetua and Felicity fortitude to suffer a cruel and bloody death on account of Your Son.

By their prayers, help us to grow in love of you, and serve you in courage by our mercy towards others.

We pray in the name of Jesus, our Lord.


Liturgy of the Hours, Adapted


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