Prayer For No Rain

Creator God, bless us with water poured down from the sky. As surely as your word stands forever, so let the rain fall. Bring to life the water courses of the Lehigh Valley and surrounding terrain. Open up your waterspouts on high and send forth the blessing of land on our heads, on our crops, and in our reservoirs.

Bless us again that we may be energized to praise your name and to feed the hungry.

May the rains come quickly and bless us through Jesus Christ by water and the spirit. Amen.

O God,

For the beauty and constancy of creation,

we give you thanks;

For our abuse and neglect of your good creation,

we ask your forgiveness;

For rain to refresh our bodies and to satisfy the parched earth,

we appeal to your mercies.

For the sake of your Son, our Lord Christ, who calmed the seas,


Father, the Bible tells us that the heaven is shut up and there is no rain when we sin against You. If our sins be the reason for this drought, Lord I plead for Your forgiveness. Graciously forgive us O Lord our sins and forget them according to the multitude of Thy tender mercies. Lord have mercy on us and for a moment think about our plight - struggle for drinking water, crops failing and cattle dying. Our hearts have also grown weak constantly anxious over the future. But I know Lord that You are in perfect control and You would definitely hear our cries and open the windows of heaven and rain all over our Land. I give You all the Praise and Glory Master, in Jesus' name I ask.Amen.

Loving Lord,You are the living God, who gives us, the children of this world, richly all things to enjoy. All power is given unto You in heaven and in earth. Because You did speak, and it was done; You did command, and it stood fast! Yes! Father, it is in Your power to send abundant rain on the earth and thus bless its inhabitants and also to stop it from raining. I do not in the least; hesitate to confess Your power and authority even over nature.

All powerful and ever living God, we find security in your forgiveness. Give us fine weather we pray, so that we may rejoice in your gifts of kindness and use them always for your glory and our good. Amen

Dear God, please give us no storms or hard rain for Halloween, pleaee give us good weather so we may enjoy trick r treating and for my family to he safe while driving over to my house, for me for I have the chance to hang out with friends who want to go to my party and for it is my last halloween to be young before I turn 18. Please give us no bad weather for my birthday in November 7 so I can enjoy my birthday with new friends for the 1st time in Austin. Please god, thank you. Amen

Sovereign God, it is You who gives rain on the earth and sends water on all the fields. You are in control of all things, including creation. I pray that Your hand continues to be seen upon Your earthly works, bless us with great weather so that we may enjoy one another's company safely and freely. Bless us with sunshine, perfect temperatures and the right amount of rain, Amen.

God of Creation, I seek You for good weather in my country. In the word, You asked Your children why they were afraid and lacked faith because of the turbulence they felt by the winds and sea. But You rebuked the winds and sea and it became perfectly calm. Father, I know that even the winds and sea obey You, all of creation obeys You. I pray that You bless us with good weather, Amen.