Prayer For My Sick Father In Law

Father God I humbly come before you and ask you to lay your healing hands on my father-in-law. I ask you to take away his pain and heal him Father God. Everything is in your hands. If you decide it's time for him to go home, I will learn to accept it. If you decide to heal him and allow him to stay with us, I accept that too.

Father God I feel you know what's best for him. Please also heal anyone who is sick and dying. Make their journey to your side easy and peaceful. I ask this in Jesus's nameAmen.

May the Lord touch every of your organs, your system, your body fluids and grant you perfect healing. May we have cause to testify over you in Jesus' name.

I pray the Lord grant you deliverance over every spirit of sickness. May He heal you of every disease in your body and soul in Jesus' name.

Heavenly Father,
Heal my father-in-law Steven, touch your mighty hand on him, so he could recover soon i put all this petitions in to your feet. love you Jesus! Amen.

Dear Jesus Christ, please heal my erpat.. He is diagnosed of kidney failure due to highblood pressure and diabetes.. I loved my erpat so much and I'm sad seeing him so much in pain.. Lord Jesus Christ please save my erpat's life.. Amen

Heavenly Lord, we need Your divine intervention in our lives. We need You to empower our bodies with Your holy presence, and Your arms envelop our minds to soothe this pain.

We shall not buckle under the strain and when it's a new day, our healed body will be a representation of Your power. Thank You, Your holiness for such attention to our lives, and In Christ's name, Amen.

Dear God,
I trust my father's life and health in Your hands. Please take away all his illness, pain and sufferings. I pray that he will not suffer for the remaining time he has left. Amen.

Dear God, thank you for today thank you for who you are Lord.thank you father for You are God above all there is nothing that happens here on earth that is even a little bit difficult to you, you are the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the End..great are your powers and your ways. Lord God i dedicate my father to your able hands,which are full of love healing and compassion clean his sick body with the blood of Jesus that really cleans and sanctifies your God and there is nothing impossible to you. You have done it ones and i know you can do it again just for your glory for you are Lord God Almightyheal my dad Father may you create a new being out of him.. I am believing in the name of Jesus Christ that my Dad is healed and that You god will do wonders..thank you father for i pray in the ever saving name of Jesus Christ .AMEN