Prayer For Music Ministry

God our Father, You know our hearts and that they can easily deceive us (Jer 17:9), and we don't always realize that we are taking credit for things that You have done and not we. I know I have done this before so please forgive me for when I have, and perhaps, for the time I do it again, but help those worship leaders in our church understand that You will resist anyone that is full of pride (James 4:6), and that Your grace is like water; it always flows downhill to the lowly, the meek, the humble, and broken in spirit. We have nothing that we did not receive from You God, so what could we ever boast about (1st Cor 4:7)? Help me, help our church, and help our church leaders remain small in our own eyes and to recognize the danger of exalting ourselves which could bring a great fall from grace; so I pray for these things for Your glory and for the glory of Jesus Christ's name, amen.

Holy Father in heaven, thank You for Your faithfulness given to us in Your own Word. These hold great and precious promises that we can cling too. It is only by Your Word that we know we can trust Your faithfulness, so help us and our worship leaders stay faithful to You and to Your Word so that we can be empowered to live a life that is more pleasing to You. When we worship together, help us, as the body, and those who are leaders, stayed focused on glorifying You and in being faithful to what is revealed in Your written Word, the Bible. May we all be faithful to its teachings and for the glory of the name by which we pray, Jesus Christ, amen.

Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord, the whole earth is full of Your glory! How great is the Lord that made His awesomeness and beauty manifest in Creation. I pray that this choir ministry overflows with Your glory; Father I pray that no matter what we face, we wholeheartedly lift up Your Name. I declare that when people hear us sing, I pray that they will hear Your glory, I pray that they hear Your greatness, in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Righteous Father God, I pray for our worship leaders and also those who are leaders in other areas like Sunday school and administrative positions, but for now, I ask you to help our worship leaders focus on what You desire and that is that You be glorified in our worship services as we worship You. I pray we worship You in spirit and in truth (John 4:24) so we can bring glory to You through our praises and thanksgivings. Please help your Spirit enable those who lead our worship services to seek to give You the credit for all we do and to help us focus on Your desire to be glorified and in His name we pray to seek more glorify for this, Jesus Christ, amen.

Righteous Father, I thank You for this divine choir ministry and pray that You will rest Your hand upon it. Your Word says that at Your right-hand are pleasures forevermore, so Lord we pray that Your right-hand covers this ministry. I pray that when we lift our voices to You, we experience pleasures that benefit the soul. May disheartened hearts be encouraged, may anger be forgotten in the melodies of worship, and in Your presence let there be fullness of joy, Amen.

Creator God,
you have made us in your image to reflect your goodness.
You have called us to use our gifts to build your kingdom.
As we begin this day, we seek to reflect your image.
Help us not only to focus on how to develop our creativity,
but also to seek the wisdom to use our skills to your glory,
and for the building up of the people we serve.
In the name of Christ and through the Holy Spirit we pray, Amen.

Holy God, let the field exult and all that is in it. Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy! Lord, even creation utters Your glory and beauty. I pray that like the plants naturally and organically worships You, let worship naturally ooze out of this choir ministry. Let our voices echo Your matchless Name so that hearts can be touched and lives can be filled. I pray that we do not take our opportunity to worship for granted, let the worship in this ministry be true, Amen.

Let us pray:
O Lord, our God, bless these ministers of music who offer their talents in your service.
Grant them love for you and for all your people.
May their music inspire us all to give glory to your holy name. Amen.