Prayer For Letting Go Of The Past

Lord Jesus, I pray that You would enable me to forget the things which are past and help me to press forward, knowing that my hope and my future is in You. Help me not to dwell on past hurts and painful memories, and enable me to forget what is behind and to walk forward into each new day, holding Your hand.
Lord, I release all of the painful memories I have to You, and pray that You would help me to renew my mind day by day and to focus my thoughts on the Lord Jesus Christ. Help me also to forgive all those that have caused me pain so that by Your grace, You would help me to fill my heart with new and joyful thoughts.
Lord, I believe that You came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. Wash away all these hurtful memories that are causing me so much heartache I pray, and replace them with the joy of my salvation, which I have received in Christ Jesus my Saviour, for which I offer You thanks and praise. Lord, may the words of my mouth and all the thoughts in my mind be filtered through You, and may I build up new memories that are sweetened by the beauty of Your Person. In Jesus' name I pray,